JDRF Posted Rides to Cure Diabetes for 2010

Hi all,

I've been participating in the Ride to Cure events since 2002 when I first rode 85 miles across Death Valley in 115 degree weather. I went back two more times and eventually created a small team called the Velo Vixens and took us to Montana in 2007.

Since I've gone back to school in hopes to become a Diabetes Educator my cycling days have faded in the back ground because I couldn't see myself having time to train for the 105 miles as I've done the past 3 times. However these events give you the option to go 32 or 60 miles if you choose. So this year the Velo Vixens from Los Angeles are back in action...or perhaps in the planning stages.

If you are near Los Angeles, the beach cities or East Valley and want to join up with the LA Chapter's ride team then please contact me. I would love to get a group to raise money together and ride together.

If you're a guy, no worries, the name can be modified. It just fit at the time.

Personally I've raised over $25,000 for JDRF and hope to continue this effort even if I don't have the time to train, I can always send emails.

Come join me blaze trails across America. For more details about the rides go to http://ride.jdrf.org/