JDRF’s T1D Care Kit (and other resources available for recently diagnosed T1Ds)

I bumped across this link in a discussion someplace else. It’s certainly not something I qualify for as I was diagnosised just over a year ago … if ~35 years is still considered “just over”. :smirk:

Here is the link: JDRF’s T1D Care Kit. The description below was copied from the linked page.

JDRF’s T1D Care Kit is a free resource providing information and tools to educate, support, and inspire newly-diagnosed adults with type 1 diabetes (T1D).

A sling-style bag contains a Bayer Contour® Next meter, Contour® Choice card and educational inserts, Medtronic educational resources and CalorieKing book provided by Medtronic, a set of Novo Nordisk measuring bowls and educational kit, coupon for discounts on Novo Nordisk insulin, JDRF’s Adult Type 1 Toolkit and Mary Tyler Moore’s Growing Up Again: Life, Loves, and Oh Yeah, Diabetes.

This resource is available for adults (16 and above) diagnosed within the past year.

The T1D Care Kit is made possible through a national collaboration with Bayer, Medtronic, and Novo Nordisk.

Note: For my “Ooops” moment and further updates, see below.

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Does JDRF offer something similar/equivalent to this for newly diagnosed PWDs under 16 years old?

Beats the heck out of me! :confused:

All I know is that I sort of stumbled on the above (obviously corporate promotional) offer when someone else posted the link to it in another forum. I think of this offer more as marketing by Bayer, Medtronic, and Novo Nordisk than as a JDRF created package. But who knows how this “collaboration” worked out?

I really have no idea what the “16 and above” restriction is about. Perhaps if you somehow asked JDRF you might get an answer?

Good idea. And I will, just as soon as I finish my 60 hours of CME (Continuing Medical Education) which is required every two years to maintain my license to practice medicine. I began paving my path with good intentions in January of 2014 and had 4.5 CME hours completed by January 19. But then my daughter was diagnosed with T1D on January 24, 2014, and I haven’t had a moment’s rest since. This is why I have until midnight on December 31 to complete another 54 hours of CME. Please, everyone, wish me luck!

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Poking around a little more over at JDRF’s typeonenation.org, I turned up the following.

First, I turned up this post which I was surprised to see was nearly two years old. I had assumed that the offer I was linking to was recent. Ooops! :flushed:
Newly diagnosed with T1D? Here are some helpful resources.

Following that I found that JDRF apparently has a number of other offers of different kinds. I did not look them over, but here is a link to the page which appears to give an overview of them and links to more specifics.
JDRF T1D Resources