JDRF Walk for the cure

Hey everyone, im a volunteer for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and im doing the Vancouver walk on June 10 in Stanley park and im trying to raise a minimum of $1,000 before then so please help me in that goal to help not only yourself but as well as everyone on this site and around the world.
Here is the link to make an online donation, thank you on behalf of JDRF.


This fundraiser has been approved by the TuDiabetes Administration.

It will be even more awesome if everyone donating also makes it clear what specifically they are giving their time and money for. For example, many people donate for a cure, but that isn't generally what the diabetes non profits follow.

By making sure you let the JDRF and other major charities know why you are fighting for their cause, you will be doing a great service to the fight for a cure.

A recent JDCA video on the exact same issue: http://jdca2025.wordpress.com/2012/05/24/jdca-new-video-donor-action/