Job Changes, Diabetes Changes


Next week the business I work for is moving to a new building. I’m looking forward to it, and I think it’ll make a difference not only in my productivity, but in my diabetes.

For the first time in four years, I’ll have an office again. I’ve been working in shared space the last few years, and am currently in a hallway alcove. Being able to close a door and be alone will eliminate a ton of distractions.

It’ll also make it a lot easier to test at my desk. I don’t test very often now. I don’t know how squeamish the coworker behind me is, so I try not to be obvious when I’m testing. Plus, I don’t want my boss to walk up while I’m poking my finger for blood. It feels awkward, and I honestly don’t know how they’d react. Knowing I have diabetes is one thing, seeing me bleed at my desk is another. But the only bathroom right now is down a flight of stairs and often in use - so I take 10 seconds to test at my desk rather than 3 minutes to get to the washroom.

I’ll be able to set alarms again to remind me to test as well. It’s hard enough to work in a hallway without having an alarm go off on your coworkers desk a couple times a day, so I’ve stopped doing that since my coworker started.

I’ll also be a couple doors down from the lunch room, instead of across the building. So my food will be a lot more accessible too. Even if I don’t have time for a full break, I can now just nip over, eat something and be back without hiking across the warehouse. I’ll be closer to the water cooler too, so I should be able to drink more water during the day.

These are small issues, really, but it’s the kind of thing that builds up in annoyance day after day after day. It’ll be a real relief to have them gone, I think.