New employer

So my new employer i told my boss that i was diabetic which i reluctantly did and my boss said she understand ....But she told me not to test myself on the floor which i did away from view ...she she not to so i did in the break room ...then she told me not in the breakroom to the bathroom i have never been told that by an employer give me some feedback maybe i have been spoiled for to long ?

Lots of people are uncomfortable with testing in a bathroom, I am, I find it to be to unsanitary. Being in a new job is tough in that it makes it hard to stand your ground.

The 'American's With Disabilities Act' says that an employer must make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. I don't think that being able to test in a cleaner place than the bathroom is an unreasonable request.

I think that I would have a discussion with my employer and request in a non-threatening way that you be allowed to test in a cleaner environment. If your employer is a reasonable person I feel that he/she will agree. If that doesn't work then you must decide how hard to push this issue.

Good luck

Well, it seems a bit "dark ages" to make you go into the bathroom. Do you think she is worried about contamination from blood? Or perhaps just doesn't want to be reminded that we d peeps must do this several times a day.
You probably have the right to push the issue, but, if it were me just starting with a new job, I wouldn't. Not unless it is difficult to get away from your desk
to go test.

I test in my desk. I turn around with my chair to my back. Takes 10 seconds. I dont ask for permission and I dont tell anyone. If they give me mess about it, I bring up the fact that I have to walk by a bunch of smokers that could cause second hand smoke problems. That is my argument. If they want me to quit I want them to stop letting people smoke on my way into the office. My testing does not cause second hand diabetes. That usually puts people back in their place. If I dont feel comfortable testig I just walk into a conference room and take 15 seconds to test and walk back out. Sometimes I just test while walking towards the cafeteria. I have gotten good at quick one hand test.

This is complete BS. Test wherever and whenever you want. She can't fire you for being diabetic. This is completely unbelievable to me.

The law is clear. You have a right to reasonable accomodations. I understand that for some of us, we cannot risk our jobs or angering our coworkers and immediate superiors, but if you don't know your rights and stand up for them you may not get them. In the case of a large corporation, you might be surprised at how well the HR people and the corporate EEOC official "fix" this issue.

Maybe a simple comment like When you start eating your lunch in the restroom I’ll start test my bg in the restroom!

At work, I test anywhere, and yes… Washrooms are yucky! For the most parts, 30% of staff is diabetic or knows someone directly via family whose is diabetic, only real hassles I have at times remains with the ignorant ones, of all things - our 1st aid responder, told that one, “keep your ignorant opinions to yourself, and don’t you ever rescue me!”

From what I see, wouldn’t be surprised if 30% or higher of workplaces are diabetic.

Im not sure of the type of industry you work for and what "floor" may mean to your business.

Much that I understand that "testing anywhere and anytime you want" is a perceived right...there may be some points that you and your employer can talk about and agree upon. My family and I run a restaurant/diner in Oklahoma and we employ about 20 employees. We provided a "staff room" with a private bathroom for them. Being a diabetic myself, I do understand the need to test. I request our staffs (3 with diabetes), to avoid testing in the view of customers (counter and dining area or "floor"). None of them wish to test in the kitchen area too for sanitation reasons. We had some complaints from customers before regarding this and I also understand that there are some people who are "squirmish" with the activity. There are also some employers that may be ill informed about our needs as a diabetic and there are employers who may also be willing to talk and negotiate. By my experience, our staffs had been pretty receptive with the agreement as well.

thanks sooooo much for your feed back i have never never never been in a bad work environment as im now..(i work for a big company with great benefits ) and im looking for an other job boss said that she understands because her dad was diabetic looking for an other job =-(.....the good thing that will help is i should get my dexcom sensors soon which will help ....but as you know if you have one they work 75 percent of the time

+1 from me on everything else that's been said. Sorry you're having to look for a different job, Charles, but I vote don't let ANYONE tell you when or where to test your sugar. Your health and safety are more important than someone else's comfort (or lack thereof) about seeing you test. Others can look away if they want to, but you do not have the option not to test.

It’s called the Americans with Disabilites Act they can’t make you test in the damn bathroom! You should legally be allowed to test in the break room…

IF you need to test. Then you test. It should not matter where. I test at my desk, I think the bathroom is the worst place to test. Thank God I don't have to deal with that issue at work.

i think it says more about my boss