Job discrimination & epilepsy

I have had petite Mal seizures since the age of 9.I am now 48 years old.I had surgery for it at the age of 16.I don't fall down and they aren't that noticeable and happen only a few times a month, near my cycle.I was working as a housekeeper and a local motel for almost 3 months and my employer called me up to tell me that he had to let me go because of my seizures.He had said nothing bad about my job performance up until now.I have worked at another motel for 3 years prior to this one climbing 2 flights of stairs with a very heavy vacuum cleaner without an issue.What does everyone think about this?


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I think that is wrongful termination. You can file at EDD or try calling their corporate office and let them know why you were terminated and that you are filing a wrongful termination lawsuit if you don't get your job back.

Sounds like a clear violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Your employer broke the law and faces some pretty severe consequences should you choose to sue.

I agree with the others I would file a suit against them.

The case has been resolved.My old employer agreed to mediate.I settled out of court for $1,000 I could have taken it to the courts but it would have dragged on for several years.I don’t think I was ready for that.I am still at my previous workplace.


I am also a diabetic epileptic, Dee. I had a seizure working at a motel, maybe ten years ago. They didn’t know that I was epileptic, and neither did I. My neighbor and friend worked there and she called an ambulance. The boss tried to prevent her from doing so, out of fear of a workman’s comp claim. That was enough to make me uncomfortable working there and I left the job. Luckily she was a good friend, and put her job on the line by calling 911 because she saw me hit my head on the concrete and got scared. Everyone attributed the seizure to low blood sugar because I was diabetic, even hospital staff. That happened a lot which is why it took such a long time to get an epilepsy diagnosis. You have to be cautious of employers, its nice to work with people you trust. :slight_smile:

I try to conceal the fact of my epilepsy.My seizures are so small that they are unnoticeable sometimes.I had brain surgery when I was 16.It was a definite improvement.The only time I usually have a seizure is when I am on lunch at work and around my periods but,I don’t fall down.I was looking for a new job because I wanted to work indoors as it is a motel,and it is very old.The new job didn’t work out as the boss was a jerk.I am glad that it is behind me now,In February I will be due for a new pump.I want to go with the Vibe.The cgm part isn’t covered by the Ontario government,but insulin pumps are.We are going to pay for the cgm part and we also have to buy the sensors.We will put it all on our income tax at the end of the year.It will help me to feel my low sugars after a period of time.I lost my feeling for a low as I have been type 1 for 30 years.A cgm will help me gain control again.I wish our government could see how a cgm is beneficial to a diabetic.

Excellent. I wouldnt recommend starting on a pump without a CGM. I’m going to experiment with concealing my diabetes and epilepsy from everyone. US treats CGM the same way.