It's Been a While

It's been a long time since I logged in to this site.Alot has happened.I was a motel housekeeper at a motel in Windsor for 3 years when I decided to look for a new job in a hotel instead.I got tired of the cold in the winter and working outside at the motel.I found another job at an Inn that was indoors and newly renovated.I was also getting $1.25 more an hour.I have epilepsy but had brain surgery when I was 16.My seizures happen a few times a month,around my monthly cycle.I had 2 seizures while I was working.The boss seemed okay with me.Giving compliments about my work and even a $100 bonus(when a washing machine broke down),for my hard work.I was there almost 3 months.When out of the blue he calls me and says,"I got to let you go.It's the seizures."I was stunned.I lost my job because of my epilepsy.That is illegal in Canada to fire someone for that reason.I went to The Human Rights Tribunal and file out an application for being discriminated against because of my disability.It may be a while before anything happens but my reward will come in the end.

I wish you good luck.

How frequent are your seizures? I am also an epileptic diabetic, but have seizures only very rarely

I also used to work at a motel, where I did have one grand mal. The boss didn't want to call an ambulance because of concerns over workman's comp, but my friend ans neighbor was working. She called. I am privately insured in the U.S., so the boss would never have to pay out, if I could help it, but sometimes the hospitals decided who to bill. This is a concern because it leads to a pattern of employers not calling 911 during medical emergencies. I have seen this happen many times as an EMT. Its always a huge fight with employers on scene.

Oh Dee---I'm so happy to re-meet you! We were friends awhile ago. I got so depressed a year or so ago that I withdrew entirely from TuD and everything. It only lasted a few weeks. I missed everyone too much. Anyway, I'm finding my way back, too.....Things are evolving for me, too---new complications cropping up, etc.

I'm so sorry about the job difficulties. I was an apartment manager for a couple years and that included extra pay for cleaning apartments at turnover, which of course I needed. It is hard physical labor. I'm proud of you for filing a complaint and standing up for yourself. In this day and age, I absolutely believe that there are reasonable accommodations that employers can make.

Anyway. I hope you will keep us posted!......Blessings new old friend....Judith in Portland...