Hey guys! I'm a fairly active person and enjoy running. I tend to jog 2-3 miles at a time, but tomorrow I planned a 8 mile jog (lets hope my legs dont turn to jello!) I was wondering how I should manage my blood sugar?
I know I should eat some food and give less insulin, but should I carry my meter and snack with me when i jog? and if so, just in a little back pack or something?


Yes you should carry your meter and some easy source of sugar, in case.

Do you go low with exercise, or you don't know?

I tend not to go low during exercise, but neither do I go high with some eating. So I may eating something like a banana beforehand. Then I'd test about every 30 minutes. You may need to test more often if your bs tends to be more volatile.

Watch your blood sugar carefully for a few hours even up to the night after the run. More intense than usual exercise, can drive your blood sugar lower than usual for quite a few hours afterwards (even up to 24 hours)...

I like to jog with a shirt that has a back pocket big enough for my test kit. Bike shirts can also be great for this. Else a small backpack or even a 'fannypack' may work.

whenever i do exercise i always take glucose tabs with me, even if its just running a couple of miles. i usually dont need it, as i test just before i start and do what i have to do before starting, but always always always have some sugar with me.

if im doing something new and dont know how my body will react, or if its a long activity, like cycling all morning, then ill bring my meter and a snack with carbs and fat.

I have noticed that too, I have increased my walks and activity and I'm going hypo much later especially when I'm resting and I guess my muscles are replenishing etc.


It's a your mileage may vary scenario.. Excuse the pun.

My protocol is..

1) Reduce my pump basal an hour before I start the run by 30%.
2) If I am running at good clip and not doing a slow tempo run, I have 15g of glucose every hour or running.
3) If I'm just doing 10 minute miles, I don't have glucose unless I go low.
4) I always carry some fast acting gels with me regardless.

If I do serious long distant cardio, I will always go low later on at night. So again I will dial back my basal for 4 hours after exercise, check before sleep and maybe have a snack.

Trial and error really!

All the best.


I am a T1 runner as well and often wonder the same thing. I am a Medtronic MiniMed Ambassador and am not employed by Medtronic. What I will share is my own experience with managing diabetes with running.

I am newer runner of only two years. I wear the MiniMed 530g with Enlite. I tend to check the calibration on my sensor prior to any run. Depending on the distance and my intended pace, I usually bring my phone, along with a fast acting carb. During my races, I often eat a meal prior but cut my insulin intake (bolus) by 50% and let the run and blood flow take care of the rest. It is a lot of trial and error. The 50% ratio I figured was derived with the communication with my doctor, before/after levels, etc. Initially I never took insulin before a race. This coupled with the adrenaline, was not a good combo. For my body, the 50% ratio has been almost perfect.

I hope this helps.