Joint pains


my hands are sore these days. particularly second knuckles. i do get achey from time to time (knees, elbows, wrists) and it typically goes away in time - but the last time it was this bad was about 4 years ago. makes it painful to write, cut, squeeze cleaning cloths. Don’t want to see a Dr - 4 years ago they told me nothing was wrong and i got the impression they thought it was not real. it eventually settled down. hoping this will too.

anyone have success with natural supplements or diet for possible joint issues?


This link may help:


If you see an endocrinologist or PCP ask them to do some basic blood work for RA or other autoimmune diseases. These doctors should not generally diagnosis any of these diseases except in terms of possible specialist to see. I trust that the blood work will useful when you get to your end doctor.

The issue with these diseases is that it requires a trained specialist to evaluate you for one of these over 100 autoimmune diseases. I there is no perfect test to say yes this is what you have. It requires a clinical as well as visual diagnosis.

I wish you good fortune, We in the RA community hope you do well, but we can do without us joining the club…


thank you. I’ve done bloodwork in past which were negative. but symptoms continue and are intermittent… consistent with flare type presentation. already have thyroid, diabetes, celiac, asthma - i guess 1 more could be on the books though i hope not.


As my blood sugars have gone up over time I increasingly experienced joint and muscle pains - knees, fingers, lower legs. (Was never quite sure if it was caused by my diabetes or the statin drug I was taking.) A year ago my doctor prescribed Gabapentin and since then those symptoms have all disappeared.