What is recomended for type 1 Ds who are starting to get hand and joint pain?

My boyfriend has type 1 diabetes and is starting to get pains shooting
down his wrists into his hands. He also has mentioned that his knuckles feel like a nail is being driven into them at times. He is pretty stoic and
tries not to complain but it would be nice if I could help him find some
answers to maybe help out. I have heard it could be arthritis or just
what happens to those with diabetes, but I was wondering if there are any
remedies that may help. For the last several years he was injecting and having a hard time keeping his blood sugars even. He just recently was able to get a pump and it has helped tremendously, but now he seems to be having more pain. I have done some research on Turmeric, and that it is an all-natural anti-inflammatory supplement, as well as being wonderful for the skin ect. Is there anyone who has tried something like this and had any benefits? I look forward to hearing any new ideas, I would love to offer him something to make him feel better.


I would recommend a blood test to check the vitamin D level. Type 1 diabetics can develop a vitamin D deficency leading to joint pains and other symptoms. Research even indicates that problems with vitamin D production are an important co-factor to develop T1 diabetes: dependency of latitude (light => vitamin D production) and vitamin D supplementation in the first years (Studies in Finnland).

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Is it bilteral? I had some creakiness in my right wrist and fixed it by switching to mousing lefty few years ago. If it's on both sides, then your suspicions re arthritis may be correct, or it could be both some type of CTS-esque phenomenon aggravated by arthritis, etc.

I haven't bothered doing anything about my wrist but last January, I rolled an ankle and the doc rx'ed Voltaren which is *the* best stuff I ever had for anything like that. I was running again in about 5 days and it also fixed stuff in my back and neck, with no drowsy side effects. The down side is that it's pricey.

Voltaren was a godsend when it was prescribed for my back and elbows years ago, problem is it went generic and there are some generics that still work on me and others that just do not. So I have had to switch to a drug called Arthrotec that is voltaren and a stomach protector in one, down side is that it's pricey but I'm ok with that so long as it works.
Hard to be ambidextrous with a mouse, I can only do it right handed.

A few things come to mind, including rheumatoid arthritis (which is an autoimmune disease like T1D; autoimmune diseases tend to come in groups, so once you have one, your chances of developing another are higher than the average person), vitamin D deficiency, or some kind of neuropathy/nerve damage.

If your boyfriend recently obtained a pump and has had a significant drop in blood sugar levels, this can sometimes actually worsen complications (counter intuitive, I know, but it's what can happen).

He definitely should get some blood work done to rule out RA, vitamin deficiencies, or anything else. If it is determined to be nerve damage, he should be able to get something to lessen the pain, and the pain may very well go away once his BGs are holding steady. I know when I went back on the pump and brought my BGs down last year, I had some worsening of retinopathy and neuropathy, both of which have stabilized and improved over time.

I think that your boyfriend needs to see a doctor to figure out what's going on. It may be any of the things that other posters have mentioned or it might be something else. Not a good idea to start throwing supplements at the pain when he doesn't know the cause of it.

Do not start supplements for this.
Have a good rheumatology work up.
Remember also that RF factor may not show up even tho an autoimmune problem may be present.

Many thanks to all who spent the time to post their views. I will read all of them to my main squeeze and see what actions to take.

Do NOT automatically assume all problems are the diabetes.
It could easily be something non diabetic.

P.S. He is no different than any of us. It is a disease. Whatever he did, he succeeded,
He is still alive. Give him a kiss and teach him he is alive! Cant go backwards and change the past.