Jonas Brothers and T1

This is for all the parents with kids who like the Jonas Brothers.

My daughter, 6, is a huge Jonas Brothers fan and she came running out of the bedroom with a smile on her face, to tell me that she saw one of the Jonas Brothers on TV and he had a pump. I checked into it, and sure enough, Nick Jonas is a T1 diabetic. He was dx in 2005 while on tour. I know some may already have known this, but we just found out.

Not that I wish diabetes on anyone, but my daughter and I was so ecstatic, because he is an amazing role model to so many already, and now he can be an amazing role model for kids with T1. He can show all these kids, that you can do anything w/o diabetes getting in the way. You can live a great life and still take care of yourself. I am still researching more to find out if he is doing anything special to relate to more like him. If anyone has more info, please let me know. But for all the parents who have kids struggling, introduce them to the Jonas Brothers and show them that things are possible.

That’s awesome info. I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for sharing. I think it is so important that our kids understand that their diabetes doesn’t have to stand in the way of anything they want to do in life. So long as they always take proper care of themselves, the sky’s the limit!!!

Today we celebrate 3 years of living with diabetes—happy, healthy, and strong!!!