Role Model Diabetics

Ok, so I’m not a Jonas Brother’s fan but I do think it’s pretty cool how they are raising awareness for T1. I mean growing up my diabetic rock star role model was Brett Michaels. Yeah, not such a great role model…I caught an episode of the Celebrity Apprentice where Brett messed up because not only was he not properly managing his project, but he wasn’t properly managing his diabetes. I used to think it would be easier to manage D when you were rich because then you could hire people to do it for you. I guess not so much the case. I’ve always been a fan of Mary Tyler Moore and what she has done for JD awareness. But she wasn’t really part of my generation, so it’s a little hard to relate to her.

So, who have been your diabetic role models or people who have influenced you?

It would be difficult for me to claim a role model from the “famous” category, never having occasioned to speak directly to anyone – a role model for me is someone with whom I can interact.

For that reason, everyone on this website from whom I’ve learned something through its discussion boards has been a role model.


I’m the same too as EV - since becoming involved in online support groups like Tudiabetes, etc. I feel that everyone has been a role model to me. I have learned so much. I met last night someone in person that I’ve been corresponding with over the year - and it was so exciting - to see them (had no idea what they looked like - but I knew it was them right away). We shared so many things about D - and we’ve both learned so much off of each other (I’m her Yoda - which makes me smile).

Not a Jonas Brother’s fan, either. But I recently came across some facebook pages that were making fun of his diabetes. One was called “Nick Jonas is a Diabetic Fatty” and another was “Shut Up Nick Jonas, You Have Diabetes, Not Cancer”. I was pretty sickened by the lack of awareness and the intentional maliciousness that people showed for his taking it upon himself to not hide his diabetes, and to make the world more aware of diabetics. Good for him. I’m shocked on a daily basis at how insensitive people are.

Interesting question…probably the camp counselors at Diabetes Camp were some of my biggest D role models…because to me it feels like someone more relatable for my situation and now that I’m an adult it’s others on this site, particularly the even longer term veterans and those who have struggled through rebellious phases and managed/are managing to get back on track

I’m glad to see that people have been more touched by those who they have interacted with. There is something to say about face to face (or keyboard to keyboard) interaction.

Kд§$ị (ИσvΔ)- Yeah, too much ignorance is out there. Like i said, I’m not a fan of his but good for him for not hiding it and trying to educate people. I find that people who are quick to put down others often are doing so to hide their own inadequacies.