Joslin Study Links High Glutamate Levels in Brain with Depression, Low Cognitive Function

Joslin Study Links High Glutamate Levels in Brain with Depression, Low Cognitive Function.

A raised level of glutamate in the brain, is apparently linked to lower cognitive function and higher rates of depression in diabetics.

While the study was done on T1s, the findings apply to ALL diabetics, and if any treatments come of it, they would be beneficial for all types too, (according to the article).

This is hardly news to anyone whose been a diabetic for a few years, as most of us have had to deal with depression already. I just hope it leads to a better understanding of a safe effective treatment for it. Two more reasons to keep your blood sugar under control - avoiding depression and decline of mental function!

Funny I've been diabetic close to 30 years, no depression here... and god knows I havent always had the BEST of control.

I'm a case manager...RN, CPC work for a major health care system. Passed both my NCLEX for RN and my CPC exam on first NCLEX with the minimum amount of questions possible. Graduated at the top of my nursing class. Worked 12 hour shifts in the hospital ALL as a diabetic. Funny don't think I have lower level cognitive function either, and I really do kinda take offense to this study.

Hi Christy, I don't think the study was trying to imply that just because one is diabetic that they are stupid. Complications caused by D are hit and miss. Diabetics are just as high functioning as any other group. High achievers such as yourself just go to prove it. I'm sure that some people have been affected. Constant highs and lows can't help but cause problems for some.

I applaud the research, identifying a cause is the first step in finding a prevention for a problem that might be robbing some diabetics of their happiness and limiting their possibilities.

Gary S

I think it's important to realize that a decrease in cognitive function does NOT equal stupid. Cognitive function includes memory, reflexes, executive functions (planning, organization, etc.) ... there is nothing in there about intelligence. There are lots of conditions that affect cognitive functions (ADHD, learning disabilities) yet people with these conditions can be very smart and go on to be doctors, get advanced degrees, and so on.

I have also had diabetes for over 20 years and never had (official) depression. But I know depression is a problem for a lot of people with diabetes. If it turns out that depression is a type of complication that can be treated somehow, I don't see how this could possibly be a bad thing.

I have battled depression constantly. I also have times of not being able to function well. I think it really does have to do with high and low days for me. This week I've been really depressed but my BG is a little high because I caught a cold. I also think my lack of carbs in my diet affects my cognitive function. If I eat carbs then my mental function gets better for a bit until I get high, if I don't eat carbs then my mental function is poor with no fuel but my BG is tolerable. Can't win for losing.

I also battle constant depression; sometimes cannot stop crying. I get confused and irritable if BG is low. Share exactly your frustration and fears.