Possibly causative link found between T1 and depression

Essentially, T1 diabetics have a higher level of glutamate in the brain, which is apparently linked to lower cognitive function and higher rates of depression.


So I wonder what the drug of choice to treat depression for diabetics??

it has been a long and wild ride, I can assure you.

I’ve been living with 50% blindness (no vision in my right eye since birth) clinical depression, then T1 diabetes, then diagnosed as having bipolar mood disorder, since I was 15… 14 years later I’m 29 and the depression really kicks the crap out of my management of the disease. I’m sure that it’s a viscious cycle too because poor sugar control probably contributes to poor attitude and so on.

Here’s my story.

hmm… is that the same study that linked darkess (ie not enough light during your day) to depression? I’d have to go look for it, it was pretty recent, but I believe it mentioned glutamate also

So the lower cognitive conditions can create chaos in your personal and professional life, which then compounds the depression.

Sorry, study or no study.. Diabetics DO NOT have lower cognitive ability in my experience, and, hate to say it, but that is the kind of message that makes us less desiriable as employees, mates, etc. when it hits the news. (Imagine the headlines?)

How many of you have degrees, work at high level jobs, have real long term, lucrative careers? Masters? Any PHDs?

Sorry, but functioning Type 1s are as able as any non-diabetic, and I really do not like the idea that we are lower functioning.

I don't mean to be contrary, but this is hard. The more we propagate the "idea" that we are unable, the more we lose. (Darkness and Type 1--is that even a valid scientific comparison? Who oversaw the study? Who did the peer review?)

Depressed? Why wouldn't we be? I mean, with all our struggles, the fact that we function well in society says a great deal about our courage and determination to succeed in life, and as Type 1s. We all need to be appreciated for what we do.

PLEASE do not accept that your cognitive abilities are affected, or you are automatically depressed as a Type 1.

Oh my. This so worries me. Sorry. We need an outstanding vision of ourselves, and we need to suceed to SHOW them....

Low carb....

hum, IDK about this, not sure how depressed a 5, 6 or 8 month old child could be...???

I agree. Actually, for what we have to do everyday; calculate, remember, calculate, remember, etc...I always thank god that I'm smart enough to remember to do all this stuff. And, the reality is, most type 1's I've met are extremely bright, educated. I would say, most of the folks on here who post often are highly intelligent, highly functioning folks, myself included. this really bothers me too. I always think, when I'm going into a new doctor for the first time (other then an Endo), they're looking at me like, she's a type 1 diabetic, what a mess..nothing but complications. I don't want that image either.

I think kids that age get depressed if their needs aren’t met? They may not articulate it the same way but, at least w/ the kid I have, she’d let us know if she wanted something. I’ve read about kids who are ignored, or worse, but I think that it’s very possible to have a depressed person in that or those cohorts.

I wouldn't usually phrase it this way, but in this case, that seems like a bunch of bull crap. Not to toot my own horn, but as I kid I started taking all honors classes in middle school, took my SAT's in 7th grade and went on to take college classes while in high school. I finished high school with a 3.9 GPA as well as my associates (preparing to go back to school when I get the money). I was also ranked in the top 2 percentile on test scores. Also during high school I was holding down a job where I worked 30hrs. a week and taking all honors/ AP courses. If there is a link to cognitive function then I guess without diabetes I would have been Einstein. I could see the depression during high/low blood sugars, but other than that we are no worse then the "normal" population. Besides who decides what depression is. There really is no standard.

i agree with this part, there have been many studies showing highs - lows effect the brain - of course it does, that's the DKA process, that's where the COMA stems from, this we already know..but depression, lower cognitive function..I don't know? there's been studies about dementia, etc...linked to diabetes..we know this.

I'd be interested to know what %age of depression is "depression depression" and what %age is from insulin/ hypo depression. When I was more roller-coastery, I felt totally depressed whenever I'd run into BG i the 30-40 range and it would get really bleak in the 20s. And then it'd go away when the BG came back?

Way to go Brianna! I want you on MY team!!!!

You truly need to believe in yourselves or no one else will. If we begin to accept the idea that we are losing cognitive ability due to diabetes, where are we in ten, twenty years? I cannot accept the idea that diabetes does that.

Age, yes. But I have 50 years of D, got a masters a few years ago with academic honors, and I am sixty now. I just don't buy this.

I think the key here is exercise, I feel 100% better after running a few miles.
I think all people diabetic or not do not get enough exercise and I believe that is the main reason everyone is getting depressed.
Diabetes is a relentless disease that requires us to deprive ourselves every day and we can't just forget about it even for a few hours.
That is a recipie for added depression.

How strange. A life threatening disease that screws with your cognitive function causes depression. What will they figure out next?? Its pretty safe to say my brain is toast. The sugar swings have literally baked any sanity and brain function I had. I'm sorry Misskitka but opting to pass on a cure is about the dumbest thing I think I've heard anyone ever say. A cure can't come fast enough.

I agree Spock. Im a case manager with a huge medical system, Im an RN, worked 12 hour shifts in the hospital..lol I don't have TIME to be depressed. Maybe its me...but I mean life is tough sometimes,but its tough for many people diabetic or not...I've chose to deal with it and not let it hold me back. Maybe that has helped me avoid depression because I don't linger on the negative, and maybe diabetics who are depressed would have been depressed regardless.

I really resent a study that says because Im type 1 Im lower functioning, that I have lower level cognitive abilities...try sitting for NCLEX and your CPC examinations, lol I know plenty of NON Diabetics who can't pass them. I passed BOTH on the first try. My NCLEX for my RN I passed with the minimum number of questions possible Tell me again I have lower cognitive abilities??? I graduated at the top of my nursing class. What a crock of baloney.

Using proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging, the researchers looked at brain glutamate levels in 123 people with type 1 diabetes with varying degrees of lifetime glycemic control and 38 subjects without diabetes.

This study has too many built in variables, and the test groups are way too small to be valuable. I think that the money used to fund this research could have been spent on something more useful. I doubt that anti-glutamine pills will be very helpful.

I for one am positive my cognitive functioning HAS been impaired by T1.