Juice Plus

Has anyone ever used this product? JuicePlus. www.juiceplus.com
The website claims it is the next best thing to fruits and vegetables.
It is an expensive addition to our already hefty monthly expenditures but, I am considering it for my 23 year old Type 1 son who does not eat enough fruits and vegetables. I would love to hear some testimonials from others who are currently taking this and or have in the past.

Sorry, I have no info on juiceplus but I would question any pill that makes such claims. I have been hearing from family members that the “thing” now is to buy a juicer and use it to juice up both vegetables and fruit and it supposedly makes a delicious drink that gives you more of the nutrients than you get from the whole item. Some juicers only do soft pulp stuff like fruits so you have to go with the more expensive (!) ones that do both. I do not own a juicer but have recently looked at reviews. Mainly for a relative who has trouble eating regular foods.

Thank you for your response Nell. I know eating the actual fruits and vegetables or doing the juicer idea that you have suggested is the healthiest way to go but, with my son on the go so much with work and college and rarely home I thought this might be a good alternative. I have much research to do.

Let me be the devil’s advocate and ask why you think your son needs to get more fruits and veggies? Is he constipated? Does he have some nutritional deficiency? Or is it just the food pyramid says he needs to eat mostly grains, veggies and fruits?

Ok, let’s say you have answered the above questions and you are convinced your son needs to get another 5-10 servings of fruits and veggies a day. Now, do you think a juicer is an cost effective way to do that? Do you realize how much fresh fruit and veggies you need to buy to feed that monster? If you have compared fresh squeezing orange juice to frozen concentrate, there is more than a 10x difference in price. Now walk right down the juice aisle and pick up the V8. Exactly how much veggies and fruit does that give you? And how much does it cost?

My father in law bought a juicer on a whim thinking that it would help him get more veggies and fruit. It was a disaster. I can still hear my mother in law nagging him. He probably spent $50 or more each week on fresh produce to put through the thing and within a few weeks he gave up. That was a waste of $200.

My advice. Take your son down the juice aisle. Have him select a range of V8 like juices that he will try. If he will drink those, then get him some and see how it works out. If he won’t drink those, then it would just be a waste of money to buy a juicer. If he becomes a fan of the juices and you both are willing to spend more money, time and effort then consider a juicer.

And if you just want to buy a juicer anyway, don’t go buy one new, buy a used one, there are thousands of juicers that were bought and are now cast offs. Heck, I could get you a deal on my father in laws.

First flag I see is multi level marketing ie pyramid structure I don’t trust any of them. Second Wikipedia page doesn’t have much nice to say. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juice_Plus?wasRedirected=true. Well Wikipedia is not written in stone its a great step of for research.

Markteting & more marketing hype. How much fruit & vegetables could be in a couple of capsules? Expensive powder. Save your money. I couldn’t find an actual breakdown of ingredients or nutrtionals on that site. Want more info? Contact one of our representatives for the deal. That’s another tip off.

I thought Juice plus was discredited some time ago. Didn’t realise they were still going.

Most 23 year olds don’t get enough fruits and vegetables, and so far I don’t think any of them have died from it:) I’d save your money on this one. They’ll come around eventually. It’s one of those things that I think just comes with time.

Wow, I read it and “assumed” it was a juicer. Bad me for “leaping to conclusions.”

I still stand by my offer on the juicer.

Sounds like the big Acai promotion a few years ago. There are lots of these kind of things out in the market some cheaper than others. I remember Costco carrying something similar a few years ago. My feeling is eat the real thing if you feel you need more vitamins. I don’t eat any fruit at all because of the carbs and don’t feel I am compromising my health. I eat lots of multicolored vegetables.

Ok, so I have actually taken juiceplus, before I was a diabetic and after I became a diabetic. I did not sell it but bought it from a friend that sold it. Yikes, didn’t realize there so many negative comments out there about it. Before I share my experience with it, you need to know that eating more fruits and veggies is far better for your body than taking any pill. This is the same for vitamins, if you can help it. Some of us have deficiencies that are hard to remedy with food options.

I took juice plus when I was in my 20’s because I was very busy with college and then a new job. I wasn’t making the most wholesome food choices and I was on the go a lot. Juice plus really helped my colon stay regular. After I got a handle on my new job, I made more time to make better food choices and felt like I didn’t need it.

I also took juiceplus soon after I was diagnosed with type 1 and had 2 little kids to take care of. Once again, I was in a phase of life where I was temporarily making not so wholesome food choices and preoccupied with toddlers. I took the juice plus mostly because I didn’t know how my body would handle different fruits and veggies and I was a little scared to try them. Juiceplus was helpful, but the fruit pills spiked my BGs, the veggie ones didn’t.
Once I got a handle on managing my kids and my diet, I ate more of a well rounded diet so I didn’t feel that I needed them.

This is just my experience. I’m not here to sell Juiceplus.


Anecdote about juicing. This really happened. I had a college roommate who had a thing for drinking pureed Carrot juice. Orange gunk, I thought. He started drinking it all the time, something about loosing weight. He drank so much pureed Carrot Juice that his normally caucasian skin began to turn orange ! He had prided himself on his self-discipline and commitment, and he turned orange !!

True story. That roommate quit juicing and turned pink again. Very weird.

I also know someone who overate carrots and turned orange. It took months for his skin color to turn back to normal.

I am really not a fan of this whole juice thing. If you really want the benefits of fruits and veggies then eat them whole. And fruits are generally devoid of any nutritional value and if you juice them then you miss out on the fiber which is likely the only thing of value in them.

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I agree with Brian: why juice and skip all that great fiber?!?!?

I can attest to my DH turning orange as a carrot … it was weird. He wasn’t drinking though … he was just on the Atkins diet at the time (back in the 80’s) - and lifting weights … when I first met him I thought … where’s the meat (not there you silly people - on the rest of his body). Like you say @Brian_BSC and @Robert17 - I’d rather eat all of my fruits/veggies whole - but that’s me … kinda old fashioned way of thinking?

I guess for some people it works for them - and they like cleaning up the mess of the mulcher that makes up the juice. I hate cleaning up. My real kitchen would be stainless walled cube - that has a drain hole in the centre of the floor - hose the place down … clean.

Most everyone I know is selling it.