Do you ever have a glass of juice, just because you want to have a glass of juice and bolus for it?

Sometimes I just want some OJ with my breakfast but then I think not worth the bgs spike and the added carbs.

So my juice consumption is only for my bgs lows. :frowning: How about you?

Have you tried Tropicana’s Trop50 orange juice? It’s sweetened with stevia, a plant-based natural sweetener. There are just 13 carbs in 8 ounces. It tastes great, too! It comes in no pulp, some pulp, and now with calcium.

No, I don’t work for Tropicana. I just love this product. :slight_smile:

I have not tried it. Thanks Janet. I only use OJ for low blood sugars. But I have used the low-carb ( 8-12 gram per 8 oz) from various manufacturers welch’s, Walmart store brands), on occassion, But I usually drink most regular juices just to treat low blood sugars. I carry the little 15 gram juice boxes for that very reason, in my purse…

God Bless,

Weird, no I don’t. Well, sometimes I buy Odwalla or Bolthouse Farms just to drink, but I consider that my fruit and vitamins, etc. for a meal, not juice. But never orange juice, cranberry juice, or anything. But now I’m realizing most of this is made up in my head! Haha. My brain is just so used to low=juice.

I tend to be more concerned about my diet. I’m a diabetic and my diet is a primary pillar of the way I manage my condition. I used to think that I could just put whatever I want in my mouth, now not so much. It is fine having foods that give you pleasure and enjoying every single bite. But in the end, I have to manage and control what I eat.

Karen, I’m the same way. Juice and regular pop are things that I just avoid knowing that they would spike my sugar too quickly. I enjoy them for lows though (I drink out of a measuring cup to make sure that I don’t “over-estimate” how much I need).

I suppose if you are craving it perhaps bolus for it, but don’t drink it until at least 10-15 minutes after the bolus. It would also be better to drink it slowly over 2 hours (but I guess that takes all the fun out of it!).

Huh! Drinking out of a measuring cup! Why haven’t I thought of that?!! I’m gonna start doing that.

I take my night time meds with AJ–4 oz. OJ is a rare treat because it is one of the things that I need to take 1.5x normal bolus for…but once in a while I do splurge. I like the minute maid WITH the pulp.

Nope because it sends me soaring & isn’t worth it. I want to take as little insulin as possible. Unsweetened, fresh squeezed, whatever–juice is pure sugar.

My brain also says ; NO to juice , unless I have a low at which time I view it as " medication " …even well before diagnosis I knew , that fruit with the peel on ( if possible ) or not has a higher fiber content and it just worked better for the bodely functions .

I can only have it if my bg is low as well…
I used too drink it with breakfast and my doctor told me “no no no”…
So no OJ for me.

I do though, drink cranberry juice that is low in sugar-- like 3 grams of carb for an 8 oz glass.
That is a can do… even if it isn’t I do it anyway.

CRYSTAL LIGHT and sugar free juice boxes work for me!!

occasionally i bolus for juice and if i bolus the right amount my bg’s are fine

Me, presonally, HATE OJ because of the lows and drinking OJ with sugar in it!!! Nope I don’t even bother with apple juice anymore but boy do I LOVE it!! If I could get in a coner by myself and not have to worry about the spikes well let’s just say the apple juice container would be empty and I would be looking for more!!! HA!!!

Maybe I should have put an s on hate???

I always have juice in the house and treat myself with it when I have a low;)