Trop 50 juices

hi - has anyone ever tried Tropicana’s Trop 50 juice? i have not had juice (except to treat low blood sugars) since I was diagnosed T1 three years ago; and before that, I never drank juice out of a carton, but rather, squeezed my own. i just came across an ad for Trop 50 orange juice with pulp made with a derivative of Stevia. has anyone ever had it? i miss juice; my endo calls it “liquid medicine” and told me it should only be consumed when treating lows.

Sounds like a slick marketing con job to me.

I had a look at the nutritional information and Trop50 has 13g carb for an 8 fl oz serving. That compares favourably with 26g carb for 8 fl oz in the same product in the normal range (I used OJ no pulp as the unit of comparison).

Then you look closer and realize that Trop50 is not juice but a juice drink. It is only 42% juice. The rest is filtered water.

So if you took regular juice, added its own volume in water, and added some sweetener - that’s basically what this product is.

I think I’ll stick to regular Tropicana for lows. It puts a positive spin on a hypo!

Orange Aide, which is orange juice, quarter cup mixed with a cup of ice water is so refreshing. Kids love those 2 gram Minute Maid juice packs, and yes they are artificial but they have berry and citrus flavors. In our house, juice is out. So is regular soda and real maple syrup. And we do allow her to have things with sugar in it and dose for it occasionally. Insulin does not match the digestion of these simple sugars; the sugar in juice hits too fast. Flavored waters such as Fruit 2o, are quite good and hit the spot; and they have lemon/lime and orange flavor

Have you tried Ocean Spray’s diet juices? They only have 2g of carbs per 250 mL, and they taste pretty good.