Drink or eat your way out of a low blood sugar?

Do you prefer to drink or eat your sugar when treating a low?

I have gone through different phases throughout my Diabetes life. When I was younger, I always used juice. For the past 5 years, I have used hard candy (Skittles) until they began wreacking havoc on my teeth. I recently switched back to juice such as OJ, Carrot, Grape etc… (I figure, I might as well get a few vitamins out of treating my lows.)

I like grape juice because a very small amount goes along way. Drinking my way out of a low seems to work faster.

Danny, when I just start getting the feeling/buzz meter reflects 60’s I go for milk. 13 grams a full glass with give you a nice smooth return for me. Thanks for sharing

i used to eat jelly beans but stopped about five years ago. since then … i live on granola bars and when i’m at home, peanut butter out of the jar. i stuff the granola bars in my backpack since my schedule is so bizarre. i’ve had to dip into it at 2 am while waiting for a presidential candidate to give me some time. seems to always do the trick.

I always take glucose tabs. Always the same brand (Dextro Energy Classic) and always the same rules:

70 = 1 tab (5g carbs, not enough but I will hit 90)
69-40 = 3 tabs (15g carbs)
40-30 = 5 tabs (20g carbs)
20-30 = 6 tabs (30g carbs)

If I am physically active I eat an additional tab. If I am doing some sort of sports I will drink an additional juice (200ml or more).

If I am unsure or confused by the low I always eat 3 tabs. I always cut 3 tabs from the paper package so I can not get confused about the counting - being low and counting can be challenging. The glucose tabs are quickly absorbed and I know my reaction to them very well. This gives me a high chance to hit the target range afterwards.

With glucose tabs I can manage situations like having a low directly before lunch and eating a high carb menu for lunch. Tabs first, then the meal and after that the injection reduced by a number of compensation units to cope with the low starting point (actually I use a formula for that). Being low 15 to 20 minutes before and then applying the next shot of NovoRapid needs some trust and I can derive that from the reliability of the glucose tabs.

Hi Danny, to me milk is a “long and level rise”. I need the glycemic bomb for the demons that have risen, LOL.

Years ago it was OJ because of what dr. said and they also used sugar cubes. As I got older it was life savers and hard candy. Now I use glucose tabs or pretzels (pretzels have a hi GI load).

I am an eater to be honest I will eat until I cant anymore then I turn to juice…lol
But now I use the tablets when I am out and about.lol

My answer will refer NOT to preference , but what I know works the best for me and get that darn BG up …Dex4 tablets …your posting Danny reminds me : I e-mailed the Canadian distributer some time ago , asking for sour apple tablets in the bulk pack …never got an answer …will re-e-mail !

I do a combination. Since juice or soda is fast, I do that in way moderation and then follow up with a sandwich of peanut butter and 12 grain bread. It lasts longer than the juice and I believe is safer than going with all sugar.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Juice (or honey) works fastest because I have gastroparesis. Love grape juice. OJ makes me feel queasy. I need such small amounts to raise lows that popping jelly beans is accurate & easier if I’m low when away from home.

I wait about 15-20 minutes & then eat a small amount of cheese because that seems to help.

That’s what I will do often. Juice then some Peanut butter on bread. If I’m out and about I just grab a handful of skittles. I keep skittles in the car, they don’t really freeze or melt. I haven’t used tablets in a long time. They taste like crap and if this is the only time I get to eat sweets then its going to be something I enjoy!!! :slight_smile:
Funny story, I kept a bag of skittles in the car. One day I noticed a rolling noise that turned out to be in the headliner of my car. Every time I turned a corner there was a rolling noise, like a loose screw. I thought it was in my dash. One day my husband pulled the plastic cover off the plastic cover where the interior lights and switch for sun roof were and a nest full of skittles fell out!!!
Apparently mice were stealing my skittles and storing them in the nest. Crazy! Thought it was funny until I checked in the bottom of my skittles bag… Ughhh.

Eat smarties in calculated amounts to get me to desired BG. 1/2 roll takes me up about 10-15mg/dl. I used to use glucose tabs…but, like variety of different glucose based candies. I also have found I do not need as much to get me to solid 80-100mg/dl…attribute that to pumping and low carb-ing…less risk of real bad or fast dropping lows. I also like candy because it is portable…always on the run. Pure glucose in very easy to calculate amounts works best for me.

No Danny I drank OJ years ago because I was told. Today I use pretzels, glucose tabs or whatever is handy…I rarely drink OJ had too much of it when I was younger. Years ago I was limited because this info wasn’t available as it is today.

i eat Fruit to go bars when im low,
natural sugar, no fat to slow down the process , delicious and can be hidden anywhere anytime ( yes, ANYWHERE! lol ) it usually does the trick until i get my hand on something more substential. I wont hide the fact that i have sour candies in my purse … cause i can.

i know what you mean - i guess the answer is in the portions . Im such a sucker for sweets that sometimes im wishing for lows lol

Have anyone here ever tasted sugar pie before? sigh the biggest tease is to live 23 years with a sweet tooth and then having to stop it all together.

Juice for sure! Fruit punch or grape juice:D OJ for some reason doesn’t work as fast as I’d like! So I’m case of an emergency and I need to bring up my levels fast… I rest my fate in a box of fruit punch:P

Juice for sure! Fruit punch or grape juice:D OJ for some reason doesn’t work as fast as I’d like! So I’m case of an emergency and I need to bring up my levels fast… I rest my fate in a box of fruit punch:P

Juice boxes - I always have them handy even when I’m away from home on the road, walking - just wish I could bring them when I travel by airplane (they confiscated them last time - into the bin). For travel now, it’s something chewable - like Dex4.

I prefer a cranberry-peach juice or the glucose tabs. Many times I have had juice which elevates my blood sugar quickly, but it falls again soon after. I also eat peanut right from the jar or have a pb & jelly sandwich as a follow up. The glucose tabs work nicely for me as well.

I carry hard candies in my purse in case I feel myself going low when away from home, for example if a meal is delayed or something, and one will get me through usually till I can have a meal.

At night I sometimes wake up low, much lower than I go during the day, and I keep individual bottles of oj in the frig for that purpose. So far I always wake up feeling queasy and then feel shaky and sweaty when I get up, and after testing I head for the frig. Besides making me feel better fairly quickly it’s a treat, as I gave up my beloved oj for breakfast when I went low-carb. Then I might eat something a little longer-lasting before going back to bed, like a half a pb sandwich. I usually wake up the next morning a little higher than usual because, duh, I’m not really fasting!