July 30th 2007- Starting again

Ok so… today it was either to stay on glumetza that I’ve been trying out for the last 3 days (doctor gave me a sample) or to go back on gluconorm (prandin) and metformin again. I haven’t been eating healthy at all since mid June and my sugars have been WAY up. Like in the 300’s way up. It all starts with all the Birthdays from June on and cake cake cake. Well no more excuses, I’m going to try really really hard from now on, and be more stern with others in regards to sweets. Non diabetics just don’t get it. I think my family are my worst enemies…honestly. They just don’t see me as a person with an illness that needs to be monitored everyday of my life…which is why it’s so easy for me to fall off the wagon. Today finally I see my sugars start to come down. I’ve been taking 45 minute walks with my puppy for the last 3 nights and cutting off all whites (starches) I will slowly introduce the starches back in very small amounts when my sugars are where they’re suppose to be. We will be trying to have a baby in September so…I need to stick to this. Too many risks out there.