New to TuDiabetes

I was dx in March 09 with a FBG of 238 an A1C of 10.9 and cholestrol and BP out of control as well.

By June my A1C was 6.1 my cholesterol dropped from 214 to 180 and trigs from 386 to 130 and my BP was holding stable. I’m taking Met 1000mg x 2 and lisinipril 15mg.

I like the fellowship of online communities and having a place to find and give suppiort and information and tudiabetes was mentioned by a friend as a good community to take part in.

I believe and follow a lowER carb menu. (I don’t do diets)

Glad to be here and hope to make some friends.

Happy for you Dave. Did you say you were new?? Wow! thats an amazing improvement. Very well done indeed.

Very awesome Dave!! Keep up the great work!!

Congratulations! What you’re doing is making a difference! Glad you found this site. It’s a great place! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the welcome.

I was pretty surprised when I got my numbers in June, I anticipated an improvement but it was more then I expected. I’ve had family & friends that were diabetic who did not take it seriously and they died way too young. The Doc did not have to tell me twice, I knew I had to get busy and try and figure it out.

great job, Dave! We’d love you to share your low carb ideas here.

woohoo for good diabetes managment!

today my a1c was 6.1 and i was pretty excited!

Hi Dave, yet another Dave here. Welcome, I too follow a lower carb meal plan, ≈100 to 130gm carbs per day. I too was one of the people that once I got my BG under control, everything else just seemed to fall in line.