Just A little News

I had my right knee totally replaced last Monday ( I think everyone should try this one) :slight_smile: Pain Is SO good.
I went a head and started my Omnipod on Tuesday 3 weeks ago The Medical Dr at the hospital
said I could keep it on at my normal basel rate and if need he could make adjustments with a needle.No adjustments were needed though.
I also have a freestyle navigator and it went into the operation. too. The anesthetist loved it as I showed him how to check the readings. He said He wished everyone who was on insulin Had one. It made his job less complicated. I asked if he would give me a break on his fee but he wouldn’t.
When I was out of recovery and in my room. Insulet call ad told me my BC/BS Approved me for the Omnipod. What a wonderful way to wake up. So it takes a lot of paper work 55 sheets many Hours on the phone and A very good person Jean At Insulet to get a Type Two Approved
Thanks for your time.

Sam…looking at your photo, I am wondering if you slipped on the ice and blew out your knee! Congrats on the successful surgery…glad to hear the diabetes cooperated, and congrats on being approved for the Opod…I love mine. Maybe one day there’ll be a pain med option to add to the pod so we can does our pain away while we dose our insulin. Hope you are feeling well and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Congrats my friend! Hope your recovery is a comfortable one and sorry I didn’t get your email about meeting up while you were in town in time to do so!

Congratulations! What a great story.

I hope the recovery with your new knee goes well. My mom is having the same surgery in December.