Just a little update:)

I figured it’s been awhile since i rambled on about pretty much nothing so here it goes for 2010. Christmas was wonderful, very relaxed and new years was the same. Work is going extremely well with me getting a few more clients and requests for presentations on diabetes in my community. I’ve developped a new partnership with someone from the regional health authority and we’re going to be doing some activities around town raising awareness of diabetes and heart/stroke at the same time. I was featured in the paper as an active member of the community and even though the picture is terrible and in black and white it was neat because i just happened to be wearing my TuDiabetes Tshirt. My back is back to normal so i’m able to play hockey again and things with this girl i met are going fantastic. Anywho i guess i’m rambling again so i will stop for now. Everyone have a wonderful new year.

good for you and may your good fortune continue through the new year