Any old Iron or how do they get all those grapes in that bottle

10.15am on a January morning damp wet soggy and fit only for ducks,the snow came and went leaving chaos in it’s wake nice to have a white Christmas but the havoc it caused in our house is a period we need to forget,we still have no carpet in our living room the ceiling in the hallway is still missing the wife who’s laptop I dropped into the water is in a few pieces it is being collected tomorrow for examination good luck to them tried to dry it out best I could but water and chips do not mix together very well,here is one person who is not going to plug it in to see if it is still working,Angel is poorly got her cough back again it makes her feel sick when she coughs so tucked her up in bed covered her wings over and soothed her brow until she fell of to sleep probably dreaming on sitting on a white puffy cloud up above, she worked so hard to make this Christmas special then all HELL broke loose down came the water on two occasions well one came down the other was at ground level but both soaked our floors underlay and carpet through all this I had to keep up my daily routine of medication jabs/injections and try not to get stressed out in order to avoid another heart attack,good job I am taking anti-depression pills for there was a moment falling from a big building seemed comforting.

Just when you think all is going well you temp fate and rub your hands give yourself a pat on the back well done then without thinking you go out or go to bed and come downstairs or back home and find you have your own river running through your living room toilet and hallway,if I am honest I might have missed some medication or the odd jab/injection for panic stations it was for me as usual my Angel took it all in her normal calm and collected way ok she said stop the water flowing then let us get up as much water as we can both our pairs of slippers were soaked just goes to show you do need flippers indoors sometimes,my head feels a bit better this morning taken victoza at 9am morning pills at 9.30am only need to check my blood sugar which I should have done hours ago and take insulin with breakfast if I get any, seeing my Angel poorly is upsetting she is one of those who plods on regardless of colds flu broken ankles always putting me first,when she needs me I am less than useless.

I suppose if we were all great at being calm collected self assured there would be no point in folks like me,so the Universe/Mother Nature does like to balance everything up in the end.

Soon the signs of spring will start appearing .the bulbs that have been kept snug and warm during winter will throw of there sleepiness and start to pop there heads above ground,the days will get longer this part of Paradise will start to warm up and we will be leaving our overcoats scarfs and gloves behind and breathing in Gods good clean air if you can find any,outside the rag and bone man now called scrap collectors is shouting any old scrap he will take it away free i suppose females also do this kind of work but never seen any trying to be PC but as usual making a pigs ear of it.
Running out of space so better call time on this piece hope your days is good best wishes twiddlemthumbs