Just Curious

I have a diabetes blog called irunonbatteries.blogspot.com. Right now I feature local diabetics in town, famous diabetics, and a blurb or two about whatever comes across my mind that week with diabetes. I am just curious what are some things that other diabetics research or enjoy reading about diabetes?

Not yet released or brand new pumps, meters, CGM's etc. Info on the latest and greatest technology for Type 1 diabetes. Reviews from people in test groups for upcoming equipment are good to read.

I have a Google News feed for "diabetes" and like reading about whatever comes up, mostly new technology, new treatments, experimental successes reversing type 1, etc. Lately it seems like I see a lot of articles about serious complications from various type 2 medications (not as much a concern for me as I'm type 1 but it is still worrisome), and stories about people with insulin pumps having trouble going through airport security (which I can vouch for).

On an unrelated note my favorite thing about being on an insulin pump is getting to explain to people that I am now technically a cyborg.