Does anyone know if there is a good site that contains the latest in TD1 research and/or new technologies that are being tested?


Usually people will post links here if something interesting is announced or discovered or for sale. is also a good site that has a kind of newsy perspective. Usually, I just hang out here.

The Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology is a source that I recently discovered. While it targets researchers and clinicians and it is dense with numbers, references, and statistics, I find it interesting reading. I suspect my interest is not shared by many lay readers. Here's the website address:

Unfortunately, articles less than one year old are not available without a fee. There is a large number of articles/studies going back to 2007.

I discovered on this site that my recent difficulties with heel pain and walking are probably related to my diabetes/hyperglycemia and the thickening of my plantar fascia, a tendon on the bottom of my foot. I've been seeing a podiatrist for treatment and I don't think he's aware of this connection.

This probably is not the type of site you had in mind, but I mention it on the chance that one or two readers may enjoy the same perverse interest!

ViaCyte is a San Diego based research company funded by the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) in part from proceeds raised by the 2004 bond issue of $30B authorized by Proposition 71. Prop 71 and CIRM supports research using stem cells that can can be coaxed into any human tissue, including pancreas cells.

ViaCyte says that it is only one year away from its first clinical trials to test out its stem cell encapsulation technology. There are some cool photos and videos on this site.

DiaTribe is a very readable monthly publication written by and for people with diabetes. The April issue is now out.

I second this suggestion. If you sign up on the web site , they will email you when each new issue comes out. They summarize a lot of the new research and new drugs, have reviews of new devices, etc.

I also get a daily summary from Diabetes Pro SmartBrief

It's free

Thanks for the tip. I just registered to receive this.

We will see. I entered my email to subscribe, but I don’t have the credentials to fill out this profile form.

I got my first daily summary. I guess that form is not required.

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Viacyte is already deep into clinical trials. I considered it last year. They gave up on the totally encapsulated islet transplants, because they all failed pretty early on due to the lack of blood supply.
So the trials going now are partially encapsulated and they also require immunosuppressants. To me it’s not different enough from the old fashioned islet transplants where they just inject them into your livers portal vein.
This trial was just not worth it to me esp since Covid was in full swing at the time, I didn’t want to suppress my immune system. The one awesome thing about viacyte is that they are manufactured in a lab of course they are cloned from real cadavers, still it gives them Ann inexhaustible stream of islets