Just diagnosed with T1

Hello everyone,

Like it says in the header - I was just diagnosed (not even a month ago).
I am sure you guys heard it all and went through it yourselves. I won't bore you with my nightmares.
What I was curious about is: how do I look for any support groups in my area (New Bedford, MA)? Or maybe some of you live in the area and get together every now and then... I recently moved here because of my job and the city is relatively new to me. I'd like to talk to fellow diabetics over a cup of coffee...

I went online to look for support groups but had no luck finding anything...

Some days suck some are better but there's no choice but to move forward...
There are so many things I don't know, though. Very confusing...

I hope you all have a great weekend! Have fun and be safe.


There are various on-line sources for support groups, isletsofhope, dlife, etc. Here are some potential contacts and support groups. Some of these are diabetes centers, you can call them and ask about support groups.

Hope that helps

Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital
Diabetes Self-Management Education Program
200 Springs Road
Bedford, MA, 01730

Emerson Hospital
Diabetes Self-Management Education Program
133 Old Road to Nine Acre Corner
Concord, MA, 01742

MA Pumpers
Baldwin Park I Alfred Street, Woburn, MA
Contact: Deb Lebam
Email: dgm555@comcast.net or dgm555@verizon.net
Meets 2nd Saturday from 9:30 am - 12:00 noon

VNA of Greater Lowell, Inc.
Diabetes Self-Management Education Program
336 Central Street
Lowell, MA, 01852
978-459-9343 X 2612

Lahey Clinic
Lahey Clinic Burlington Diabetes Education Program
41 Mall Road
Burlington, MA, 01805

I would also contact the JDRF branch in your area. They host a lot of meet-up/social type events. They also sometimes sponsor support groups. I actually started one in my area with their backing. Groups at hospitals and diabetes programs tend to be focused on education which, of course, is valuable for someone newly diagnosed. However, lots of Type 1's have reported feeling frustrated with these as most of the information was geared to Type 2's and very different. The JDRF activities might be more along the line of just getting together informally with other Type 1's. (JDRF is a Type 1 organization). For many people newly diagnosed some combination of education and support/connection can be helpful.

I think hanging around here is probably as good, maybe better, than an "in person" meet up? It's very handy that people can post links. There's also checks and balances as if someone posts something that's incorrect someone else is likely to amble along and suggest an alternative?

If you have nightmares, there's several threads involving that sort of thing too!

I actually disagree, AR. The Type 1 Women's Support Group I started was totally amazing and there is something very special about sitting in a room with other Type 1's face to face and talking about our lives, or struggles, our successes and our knowledge. I love TuD, and it's a very key part of my D Life, but I don't think anything can compare with facetime with other Type 1's!

Cool, i went to a group briefly, the summer after freshman year of college and, uh, already sort of started treating insulin like something youd score @ a Grateful Dead concert (this was maybe 1985-6?) And I didn’t really engage with it all that much so perhaps a ftf group would have some advantages?

Thanks guys. This is an awesome site but I do think that face to face meetings are more personal and "relieving...'

"bsc's" information looks very helpful. Face-to-face contact with others who share and understand what you are going through means so much. Non-diabetics may be compassionate, but haven't experienced what you are experiencing now. I'm new to TuDiabetes, this is my first comment to anyone. But, I've been a diabetic for 35 years. I got into a group a few years ago, and it meant a lot to me. I wish you good luck finding a support group. I think this site (TuDiabetes)is another excellent support group.

Hi Jakub, I'm sorry you had to join our club, but I hope you get all the help and support you need to adjust to live with the Big D.

Here's a newbie (((hug))). Feel free to collect more later as needed.

It's overwhelming at first, but you are NOT alone!!!

Hi Jakub,

Sorry that you got to join our club!

There are a number of other locations on the isletsofhope site that bsc posted, including:

Caritas Christi Healthcare
St. Anne's Hospital
795 Middle Street
Fall River, MA, 02721
508-674-5600 X 2748

Southcoast Hospitals Group
Charlton Memorial Hospital
363 Highland Street
Fall River, MA, 02720

Southcoast Hospitals Group
St. Luke's Hospital
101 Page Street
New Bedford, MA, 02740
508-994-4415 X 212

Hawthorn Medical Associates, LLC
The Outpatient Diabetes Self-Management & Education Program
570 Hawthorn Street
North Dartmouth, MA, 02747
508-996-3991 X 2232

Southcoast Hospitals Group
Tobey Hospital
43 High Street
Wareham, MA, 02571

And there's a New England group, here at http://www.tudiabetes.org/group/newenglanddiabetes

You could also post a question there asking about any groups in your area.

Best wishes,


Thanks again!
You guys are really helpful and I do appreciate it. Again: have a great weekend all.

I was like you in the beginning looking for support groups in the area. But what I found the most helpful were sites like this and Diabetes Daily. I have made life long friendships from these sites and talk to some of the people I have met outside of these forums. I feel a need and a compulsion to visit these sites everyday...even for just a few minutes. I do this for a few reasons. I learn something new everyday about my disease and more importantly I realize I am not alone. There are so many like me and you around the world trying to manage this very difficult disease.