Just diagnosed

My dad was diagnosed with type 2. He’s having a hard time with his diet. Any recommendations or quick times as to how I can help him?

Well, tell us a little more about his diet, what is particularly bothering him about his diet, and what any medications he might be taking?

see if he can visit a dietician or nutritionist and if he can get enrolled in a diabetes eduation class. he should be restricting the number of carbs he eats and what he does eat should complex carbs i.e. wheat pasta

a good article or two to check out:


he should be also testing regularly and if possible doing some exercise - nothing crazy even walking is great

hope that helps

Is he only controlled by diet? I’m sure some Type 2s know a lot about that.

I think changing someone elses eating habit is hard becaue they dont go willingly. I know at first some people are resistant to diet changes. How is your diet. I know I have managed to change the diet of those around me not by telling them what they should eat but by changing what I eat. I started to cook healthier meals for myself and those around me started to eat better since the food I was cooking looked a lot better than the fried mess they were eating and tasted better. Its amazing how those around us are influenced by what we eat around them. My son and wife started to eat healthier when I started to eat healthier. So if you tend to eat a lot with your dad you may want to eat healthier food and maybe it will rub off on him. I seem to rub off on those around me both at work and at home. I guess they feel guilty about what they eat because I tend to eat a lot healthier meals.

The best, best way to deal with being grump with a diet… is to find ways to get around the carbohydrate issue, to make foods that he will enjoy. There are many, many low carbohydrate recipes on this site, for example, or recipes using complex carbs. I can’t say much more, since I’m not really sure what he is doing, and even if he knows about how many carbs he can tolerate per meal – i.e., he can use his meter to test before eating, and 1 to 2 hours after eating, to see how much the carbohydrate amounts in his snacks or meals are spiking him. Some people can tolerate 60, some 30, some 15… He needs to find his number. I really suggest the Diabetic/Low Carb Recipe group, in our forum, where you can find many many recipes for things people have done to still enjoy the things the love, like pizza, pancakes, french toast, chocolate truffles, etc. If he does this, he may adapt to this new lifestyle a lot, lot better, and have better chances for success.