Just got my dexcom

So i just got it but i sadly gotta wait till tonight because im leaving in like 15-20 mins for work so anyway i saw that i have 4 sensors which im guessing is a monthly supply and also 1 transmitter? So does that mean i reuse the transmitter each time and if so does it just pop off the old sensor?

There’s some pretty important online training that you’ve got to do before you can start with the Dexcom. This will likely answer a lot of the questions that you have about start up. If you literally just got it in the mail and are really eager to start, luckily you have at least a three hour charging time for the receiver before you actually can get started, so that gives you some time to read over the instructions that came with the sensors and the system.

The Dexcom is a pretty expensive, complicated, and finicky tool, so it makes sense to learn as much as possible about how to operate it correctly from the get-go. You’re also manually shoving an inch and a half needle into you skin as part of a five step process. It hurts if you screw it up.

Welcome to Dexcom Andrew! I’m fairly new to using it and you will learn a bunch from the regulars on this site.
Here’s what I know. Yes you reuse the transmitter and it does pop out. The book that came with it shows you how to get it out after you remove it from your body. There are a couple of good YouTubes (see 1HappyDiabetic - he’s great and does terrific step-by-step videos).
Regarding the Sensors, I was under the impression that 1 sensor was good for only 7 days but almost everyone on this site pushes it for close to 14 days. You can read some of those posts but I’m trying it now and all you do is restart the sensor on the receiver after it tells you that your 7 days is up and it starts over even if you don’t actually change the sensor. Saves much $$ and site changing.
Best of luck!

ok so what if i get in the shower?? does the transmitter need to be removed?

i was told to use IV Prep but all i currently have is alcohol wipes will that work??? looked it up and it has recalls and wanna put it on today so what do i do!!

I got some stuff called “skin tac wipes” and apply it to the sticky part of the sensor before placing it on my skin and it stays on great for at least two weeks. I can’t remember now if I got them from Dexcom or Animas.
Alcohol isn’t sticky so you don’t want to use that except to clean the area on your skin.
There are a couple of videos if you Google them showing people using skin tac and placing the sensor. I watched a few before I used it and it made it much better Andrew.

well i only had alcohol wipes at the time but it stayed on for atleast a good 4 days before i had to use some medical tape but i also have to tuck my shirt in at shirt and move quite a bit

How are the readings compared to your meter?

sometimes really close and sometimes a bit apart