Just need to say THANK YOU

I know I have only been here a short time and really am feeling like I am relearning everything. But being here with all of you and learning from you…it really has helped me a lot. Im taking my insulin without rationing and I am pumping regularly again. Numbers are coming down and the feeling of being lost and helpless are fading slowly. I just want you all to know how amazing you all are and you are really helping this 35 year old mom get out of a very deep hole one day at a time




I am glad your doing better. It’s hard to manage everything in life at times. Just remember you matter and your worth taking care of yourself. Just know we are here to hear your thoughts, your concerns and lift you up when down, praise you when your up…Don’t beat yourself when you fail cause it happens just pick yourself up and we will be here because we all need help and encouragement. You are doing GREAT…

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Thank you for expressing your gratitude. I hope you are saving some of that for yourself. Without your willingness to request help when you need it and accept it when it’s given, the efforts of many here would be in vain. I’m glad to read that you’re on the mend. Your family needs you!


:blue_heart: Warms my heart. :blush: That’s what this forum is all about and I’m thankful to all the members who make it so.

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