NOT DEAD YET: an AMAZING and inspiring story by Phil Southerland

NOT DEAD YET - My Race Against Disease: From Diagnosis to Dominance

Powerful title, huh? That's the name of the book that JUST came out by none less than Phil Southerland (founder and CEO of Team Type 1), co-authored by John Hanc.

I started reading it last night and haven't been able to put it down. I am about halfway done with it and I can already think of half a dozen reasons why this is my favorite diabetes book I've read in a long time!

For starters, Phil is beyond inspiring before you read the book. But within a few pages, any level of admiration and respect you feel for the guy goes several notches. This is a guy who was diagnosed at 7 months of age with type 1 diabetes. He is indeed in a race but not just for himself but to educate and inspire others along the way, to be CEOs of our own bodies while living with diabetes.

This is a guy who is charming as he is humble (and humbling). But it's not just his personal story of diabetes and love of sports... It's how he leads Team Type 1 (and Team Type 2) into bigger and more ambitious goals to prove that life with diabete is no reason for us to not catch our dreams.

On a slight side-note I should thank Phil (his mom, rather) for the idea of buying candy from my son on Halloween. Though he doesn't have diabetes, it's not that great for him anyway... and I am sure he will LOVE the idea!

BTW, you are in for a surprise if you thought Phil's full name is Philip! ;)

You can read more about the book on the Team Type 1 web site:

To buy the book, don't walk: RUN to your nearest bookstore to order it or get it through Amazon in hardcover:
or for your Kindle:

I have the book also Manny and only had time to read a little bit so far. It is a good book.

I can’t wait to read this!

I can’t wait to reas it like Victoria. Thanks for the idea Manny!!!

Definitely want to read this book and will give a copy to our teen.

I’m about half-way through, too. It’s very good!

Southerland featured in L.A. Times Sports section this week.,0,5455648.story

Wow have not log on for sometime. Hope all is well with everyone of you. I am definitely going to pick up a copy of southerland book. Nice summer reading. I am probabley going to borrow my daughters Nook. Any way just to let you guys know I am back.