Just received my omni pod demo kit!

ok im pretty excited about this kit. i have high hopes for this system. it came with plenty of info and a request form to fill out about the product(i.e. where i “wore” the pod, the level of comfort with the pod, and a general info form.). Now the pod that came with the kit may or may not be an actually functioning pod, and seeing as i dont have the pda i guess i’ll never know. Though it does carry a little more heft than expected. Now i opted to “wear” my pod on my lower back/love handle area, and for now it seems pretty comftorable but only time will tell. As i move around the next couple days ill try to post my expirence with the pod. I will operate as normal(i.e. shower, work, move, excercize, and the like.) to see if the pod “sticks” with me. until later!

Ok so heres my “recap” for the day with the dummy pod. work was fine, i did’nt even notice it until one of my co-workers asked me what that thing was on my back. lol!(completely forgot that it was there). then i went over to moms house and played with my neices. we wrestled and rolled around, even went in the pool with the thing on. again i forgot it was there until the older one asked what it was. get home and im about to walk in the shower and BAM! i hit the threshold with the pod and it ripped away. BUMMER! i was really looking forward to sleeping with it to see if that bothered me. Owell i guess. all is well that ends well i suppose.

I think i like the omnipod system and a definatly going to do some serious research into it. Maybe i will become a “pumper” before this year is up!!! im really excited about it.

David, can you talk to me about putting the Pod on? How was the insertion - like a finger stick, or more severe? Thanks!

Marc, the demo pods don’t actually insert into the skin. They are functioning, yes, but without the PDM to initialize it, it is only actually sticking to David’s skin via the adhesive.

I have been on the pod for three months now after nine years on a tubed pump. The insertion of the pod is fast, but slightly more painful than a finger stick. I have never used a lancet device on my stomach or lower back though, so perhaps it’s about the same caliber, but in more sensitive places.

I tried the demo pod three times over the course of nearly a year before I finally switched over. I’ve been very pleased with the system. Hope you decide to go for it!

i was very pleased with the demo pod. and i might opt for that system but heres the catch… NO INSURANCE!
i know the start up fee is around $1800 and that the pods are like $45 a piece. So unless a miracle happens i dont think that me pumping wil happen this year. bummer

During my training when I first got the OmniPod, the Insulet rep said that the insertion would feel like the snap of a rubber band on my skin. That’s a pretty darn good analogy. Sometimes it’s more painful than others (but never too painful) but I think that’s because there’s still alcohol on my skin from the Skin Prep wipe.

Yeah, the OmniPod approach is like inkjet printers. They give away the printers but sock you when you buy ink cartridges. From a business standpoint, it’s pretty smart to make your money on consumables.

Im excited I just got approved 100% coverage for my omnipod! I can’t wait to begin. I think anything will be better than shots, right. I will tell you my experience as I learn. Hopefully people can help me learn the tricks of the trade for pump management.