Just saying Hi - an introduction


I’m new here and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Rita and I’m 53 years old and newly diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. I live in the Washington, D.C. area and am in good health otherwise except for a bout with breast cancer four years ago. I’m not on insulin yet and have recently ramped up to the full dose of Byetta that seems to be holding me steady. I’m a little leery of lectures and harrangues about my health but am really open to advice given in a non-judgemental fashion. I look forward to reading and visiting here.

Thanks for this organization.

Welcome, Rita! This is a great place to learn tons and to get a lot of support. If you want advice on a particular topic feel free to ask for it! Actually rather than “advice” per se, what we tend to give is our own experience and knowledge and with over 10,000 members (we just passed that milestone!) there is a lot of combined experience here!

Hi Zoe, thanks for the warm welcome.

Welcome to TuDiabetes Rita!

Hi Rita,
Welcome to TuDiabetes! I am a fellow T2 and am also on Byetta. Check out the groups here. I know there is one for Byetta users that may interest you. If anything, you’ll find some of the discussions very entertaining.

Welcome , Rita…It’s good to see you hear. I don’t think anyone likes to be run over the coals about their health. I certainly don’t. I like to be given options and then make up my own mind, no matter whether it’s my doc, nurse, husband, or people on a web site…gentle gets more done. I hope to get ot know you better soon.