New to Tudiabetes

Hey I'm Hilary!

I just joined Tudiabetes. I've only been a diabetic for 2 years, so I don't know to many diabetics and I'd love to connect with fellow diabetics. Maybe get some advice, learn a thing or two and make some great friends :)

Welcome! Learn and teach some more than others.

Welcome , we love new people.

rick phillips

Welcome, Hilary! Don’t be shy about jumping into discussions, or starting one of your own. Many people here to help with questions you may have.

Welcome aboard. Great people here and great advice

Hi hilary, happy new year. The people here are really great and give lots of valued information from their experiences. I am newly diagnosed as Type 1 and found lots of valued stuff… Have a nice day.

Thanks, Happy new year to you too!

Thank you so much, thats how I found this place, I was looking up something and found a forum about it, I’ve already learned so much!

Hey, Hilary! I’m new to Tudiabetes also. I just joined. I’m 27. Been a type 1 since age 10. Live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. I too joined for the same reasons! Welcome!

hi welcome to the board!

Nice to meet you!

Hey Christina!

I’m from Austin Texas :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you too :slight_smile:

This is a great resource for benefiting from others experience. Lots of friendly helpful people. Welcome!

Thank you!