Just started podding today, quick question re boluses

I just started on the OmniPod today and have found Day 1 to be quite a bit better, in terms of both BG control and convenience, than my previous MDI regimen. I have a question about boluses – I am aware that the PDM needs to be within communication range of the pod when you are programming insulin delivery, such as boluses. My question is, does the PDM need to be within range the whole time a bolus is being delivered, or just until you confirm that you want to initiate the bolus?

I asked my diabetes educator about it this morning during training, and we concluded at the time that the question was somewhat moot because we were under the impression that boluses are delivered within a few seconds. However, I soon found out that it actually takes a while to deliver a bolus – not a real long time, but certainly not just a few seconds.

You have to be in range of the PDM until the Bolus is complete! Welcome to Podding.

I believe you only have to be in communication range to begin the bolus, which as you have found, can take several minutes to complete. Once the bolus begins, you do not have to keep the PDM within range.

Thanks for your insights. I actually decided to test it myself by programming a meal/correction bolus and walking away from the PDM while the bolus was being delivered. I found out that the bolus appeared to be delivered even when I was far out of range of the PDM (at least 50 feet). I just took a BG reading and found that my 2 hour post-meal BG was 124, so I am guessing that the bolus did in fact complete even though I was out of range.

You do not need to have the PDM in contact with the pod during the bolus. Once the pod beeps back after entering the bolus you are free to leave the PDM behind. The pod will beep again once the bolus is complete.

Allen - First of all let me say welcome you to the 'OmniPod World of Pumping"

No, You Do Not have to be in range to complete your bolus, just like you do not have to be range to have your basal working. Your pod will beep on it’s own when the bolus is complete.
The only time you need you pod in range is for checking the STATUS, for starting a BOLUS (once it starts you do not have to have the pod in range) and to SUSPEND or CHANGE your basal.
The OmniPod is really an amazing device. I like the fact that the pod will beep on it’s own for alerts and such even when the PDA is not near it. When this happens I usually go and get my PDA and turn it on then you get the stereo beep! Anyway I guess what I’m trying to say here is the the system was well thought out and for the most part it work really well.

By the way, we will be getting new color PDAs in a month or so with better software for setup and record keeping and I think a hard cable for connecting to the PC. At least I was told this by my Insulet Rep, he called me about it so I think it’s true. He mention that there might be a small upgrade charge depending how long you had you OmniPod system.

Peter –

Thanks…yes, the OmniPod is pretty amazing. I know it really addressed one of my big concerns about pumping, namely, the tubing. I’ve heard others say that it’s not that hard to get used to the tubing with other pumps, but I have a feeling I would not do too well with that as I am REALLY clumsy. I am always snagging my pant pockets on doorknobs and other things, so I can only imagine how much I would have mishaps with tubing.

Thanks for the tip on the color PDAs. I hope the upgrade charge isn’t too much, considering I’ve only had mine for about a week and a half. The one thing I think could have done better is the display…it’s pretty hard to read. The interface is really user-friendly, but the display itself is a little hard to see unless the lighting is just right.

I have also heard about the new PDM. I did not hear about the color option. I was told it will be smaller and have better software and interface. I was also told it would be announced in either June or August. No mention on the upgrade cost.

It wasn’t suppose to be a color option but a color screen. Who knows?
I know we all need better software uploading and tracking, the software now is pretty bad.

Allen, I would think that they would just send another one out to you, speak to your Insulet Rep about it when we get more of a confirmation that these new pdas are coming to market.

Also I received a call from Abbott about the availability of the new FreeStyle Navigator. They gave me the names and numbers of two DMEs to call. Of course my insurance won’t pay right now so the costs are completely out of my pocket. I might go with it for a few months just to see how my BGs are doing around the clock.