Just started pumping today

Hi all. Its my birthday today and just got the animas 2020 pump fitted and pumping so I'm in the club. Will let you all know how I'm doing after 24 hours of blood checks.
Very surprised that the cannula don't hurt but I do feel and itch about 3cm away from the site.
See you all soon

let us know how ya go, i was thinking of getting the 2020 or medtronic veo

Congrats! The itching can sometimes be due to the adhesive. In warmer weather especially I have this problem and it can drive me crazy. One thing that helps is putting a layer of Opsite Flexifix on my skin BEFORE inserting the infusion set. I use the Opsite stuff so that it is a barrier between my skin and the infusion set. Once I started doing that, I never had an issue with itching again.

That's an awesome birthday present! I am not sure what to suggest about itching, I get those occasionally too. I have my new pump waiting for me @ work!

the 2020 is available yeh, we dont get the ping. Our options are the accucheck spirit combo, medtronic veo and the 2020. Thats all :(...waterproof is appealing to me!
I have private insurance so the whole pump is covered. Even on the public system atleast 80% of the pump is covered.

And I forgot it tonight! I don't have a belt clip for it so it's sort of useless but I'm hoping to get going with it this weekend!

Yay, Tony! Happy Birfday, and Welcome to the club :)

Hi Tony: Congratulations! I have been pumping for 14 years, and using Animas for 8 years. Love Animas! I did find that my TDD (total daily dose) decreased by about 25% when I first went on the pump, so be on the lookout for that. Test a lot to avoid hypos. Happy birthday!