Inset 30 or Regular Inset

Hi everyone! I'm an Animas convert. I've had Medtronic for the last year and just switched to Animas this last week so I'm pretty new to this pump. When I ordered my infusion sets, the man from Liberty medical said I probably want the inset 30 because it's more comfortable. I've only ever used a straight inset. Right now I am using the regular inset, but wanted the opinions of others about the Inset 30. I'm also wondering if anyone knows whether Animas gives out free samples of their infusion sets to see which you like best?

Animas was good about samples when I had my 1250/2020. Call and ask.

Thanks JenJen!! That's great to hear! Animas has been so wonderful so far! I will definitely be giving them a call after Memorial weekend! :-)

Yes, they will send you samples, but the samples are small (2 or 3 in a box, I forget exactly). I found I needed more time with a set to get an idea if it worked better. I used both for awhile and had a preference for the inset 30 but it's individual and you just have to see which is better for you.

Ultimately I got kinks in both and decided to try the metal manual sets (contact detach) (which I thought would be really hard to put in) but I found they are very easy, no kinks, and if one hurts for some reason I can just pull it out, put it in somewhere else and tape it down. I love them!

I'm with Zoe on this. I used to use the manually inserted Inset 30's. Until I learned about Skin Tac to keep things in place, I was constantly having to replace my set because they would come off. I was hesitant to use the 90 degree ones until my Animas rep (a pump himself) suggested the comfort detach. When I saw how teeny tiny the cannula was, I tried it. I also like that with the Comfort Detach I could place the business end (with the cannula) around in the back of my upper waist area. The "tail" could wrap around towards the front for ease of disconnecting. I also like the fact that if I am at some place where replacing a set isn't gonna work, I can just pop the business end back in and put tape over it. Couldn't do that with the angled sets.

I found it a lot easier and cheaper to use the regular cotton adhesive tape from the pharmacy. I don't always bother as I don't, in general, have problems with things not sticking. Like today, I'm wearing lounge pants and sticking around the house. When I put on tight jeans that can pull out the set I just cut off a piece of tape and put it over. I also switched to the longer contact detach which doesn't pull out nearly as easily as the shorter one.

I've been on a Ping for about 9 years, and have ended up using BOTH the Inset 30 and the regular inset. I'm not really "heavy", so I don't have much "real estate" to poke. After using the regular inset for a couple of years, I started having problems with scar tissue (despite regular rotation of sites) and went to the Inset 30. Now, I will use a box of regular insets, then use a box of 30's. My reasoning is that doing so will slow scar tissue build up, since I'm not always poking the same layer with a given inset type.

I use both Regular insets on my hip/buttock are & Inset30s on my stomach. It seems to work very well for me. I'm small 5ft so I don't have much real estate.

The inset 30 was horrible for me. It hurts so bad. I used it one time and returned to the straight inset.

I have never done well with straight-in sets and through my pumping career have “failed” Quicksets, Mios, and Insets. With Medtronic I always used manual insertion of the Silhouettes (short ones). The insertion needle is ugly but I rarely have a painful site or site failure. So I am a fan of angled sets. When I switched to Animas, I bought boxes of both the Inset 30’s and Comfort Shorts (same as Silhouettes). The Inset 30’s are OK but I find the built-in insertion device overly complex. So I’m back to manual insertion of Comfort Shorts. On my next order I am going to get a box of Contact Detach since so many people seem to like them.

The advantage of manual insertion is that you can insert the sets at a very shallow angle and don’t even have to push them completely in. The disadvantage is that you can only use them where you can comfortably reach while you can go a little farther afield with the Inset30’s.

Inset30 is all I’ve used since I went on the pump three months ago. I’ve spoiled a few by not being careful with the angle, but overall they’ve worked pretty well.

I found with the angled sets there was a much bigger red pimple thing on the skin surface upon removal of each cannula, which makes sense as it’s going in at an angle. These take a lot longer to heal for me. Shame as I liked them otherwise, could use them in places I wouldn’t put other sets, like closer to bone & other leaner tissue areas.

I hated the loaded spring action of Inset straight sets, and I also found them a real faff to use generally! I’m another here who’s a steel convert :slight_smile: so quick & easy to insert, hardly a skin mark upon removal, very fine needle, no failures due to kinked cannulas etc. (I actually use Roche Rapid Ds with my Vibe just cos I prefer them to the Animas steel ones e.g. their tubing length suits me better).

Inset 30 works best for my slim trim 14 year old. If there isn't much "cushion" going in sometimes the reg inset would hit muscle in certain areas of the abdomen arm or leg and be painful or crimp up and become less effective, not to mention they are more work to insert with the integrated line you have to unwind. the stand alone tubing seems easier to use with the 30's

I like the inset that goes straight in.The 30's I had trouble with the angle and wasted many insets.I couldn't get the angle right.Animas has been really good to me.I will be glad when my 4 years are up so I can get the Vibe.I miss the database that was in the 2020.

If you are used to straight-in sets, you want to stay with Insets. Before switching to Animas, I had always used manually inserted Silhouettes. When I switched to Animas, I switched to the Comfort Shorts which are the identical set. I also tried some Inset 30’s. They are angled sets with a built-in inserter. They were fine, but I never really trusted the insertion device. The whole process seemed overly complex to me, so I decided to just stay with manual sets.

With my insurance I am able to split my orders between difference types of infusion sets. So maybe you should order 3 boxes of regular Insets and 1 of Inset30’s and see what you like.

I’m very new to pumping but found that the Contact Detach hurt to wear, I could feel it pricking most of the time so I switched to Inset II which was comfortable but stopped delivering insulin. I found when I took it out that the top of the cannula was completely bent over. Like you, I don’t have much padding at all to insert into. The nurse suggested Inset 30s which I really like but they too only work for a short while and then stop delivering. After a couple of nasty bouts of very high BG and ketones, I’ve reverted to the metal set to try to get a grip on what’s happening!! So, how do you manage to insert Inset 30s on your hip area and butt when you can’t really see to connect or angle it correctly? I think they might work better for me there than on my stomach, where they’re getting squeezed when I bend over etc.

I realise that this topic finished quite a while ago but I thought I’d just see if anyone was around to answer! :slight_smile:

I use the Inset 30s on my stomach area where I can see to insert at the correct angle, tho’ often they do go in too deep. If I leave them in for more than 3 days I do get a red mark at the insertion site. No bleeding just a mark that lasts a day or so after removal. But the canula never looks bent.

I use the straight in insets on my hip area, I use the shorter needle length & I have never had a bent canula. I insert as far round as I can reach & as low as I can so long as I wont be sitting on the set.

I am beging to try the Contact Detach metal sets with shorter canula, I find I can insert those further back & they have been comfortable to wear. However both times I tried I got a drop of blood on removal & the site was very sore for a few hours.

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Thanks Annabella. I only just saw your reply - not sure why I didn’t get a notification :slight_smile:
I’ll try the Inset 30s again where I can see them. Maybe I just tense up too much at the sight of that very long needle! I can’t use the metal ones - I’ve tried but I just really feel them (a lot) all the time.
Thanks for your help.