Just Thought You Should Know

I started a new job three weeks ago (yay for employment!) at a dog daycare. On my second day a Bernese Mountain Dog took me floor skiing in an attempt to keep up with his Newfoundland brothers. I also learned the fine art of mop bucket carrying, which culminated in a very sore back and shoulders.
That Saturday my fiance and I flew to LA to see my big brother’s wedding, then take a trip up the coast. The first night there, I kept waking up feeling like my hands were on fire. My arms and shoulders were spectacularly painful, so I thought I must have slept on them wrong. The same thing happened the next night. As we drove up the coast, I noticed my hands getting the ‘pins and needles’ feeling whenever my hands were not dangling at my sides.
Oh God, I thought. I can’t have neuropathy! How could it be THIS bad, so fast? I’ve been keeping my bloodsugars down, and since I don’t stop moving at my new job, I’ve actually been low most of the time!!
My fiance new how bad I was hurting, and was concerned about the feeling in my hands. They felt on fire, and I could find no relief, even in sleep.
As the week went on, my hands became slightly less sore, but my thumbs, and middle and ring fingers still had the same painful tingly sensation. I thought it suspect that I’d develop neuropathy in the same fingers on both hands at the same time.
I went back to work the day after we flew home, and could barely hang on to the dogs’ leashes or hold on to the mop buckets while dumping them out. I finally called my little sister, a massage therapist, and asked what she thought.
The answer brought me strange relief–whiplash. I didn’t have neuropathy after all! She gave me an awesome hour-long massage (and all it cost me was a loaf of banana bread), and told me that the floor skiing incident caused torn muscles in my neck, and the resulting misalignment was playing havoc on my nerves.
While it will take some time for the injury to fully heal, I feel like I dodged a bullet. Since the massage, I’m feeling TONS better, with only a little bit of tingliness in the same three fingers on both hands, but that will go away.
I’ve had diabetes for 26 of my almost 27 years on earth, and the prospect of such a sudden, severe case of neuropathy scared me terribly. I felt I owed it to my fellow diabetics to offer my story as a warning on how easily things can be confused.
Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings!! :smiley:

Thanks for sharing! I’m glad that your sister was able to figure the problem out!! I also recently freaked out because of neuropathy-like feelings in my feet. I went to the doctor and it was not neuropathy, but it is so easy to convince yourself of it…