so i’ve had tingling sensations in two of my fingers my pinky and ring finger for about two weeks now
doesn’t seem to go away could this be related to my diabetes

It might be. It is possible that it is nueropathy, but it is doubtful. When you look at nuropathy it usually effects a general area, not specific digits. Now that is not to say it is not, only a doctor can tell for sure. In many ways it is likely best if you talk to your endo about it and maybe a neurologist. If you are like me when my nuropathy started it was worse worrying about it than knowing. I suggest knowing ASAP. Knowing beats guessing every time.


Dear Bruce

Rick is correct that neuropathy has a different profile than the one you are describing. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out. It can be something related to repetetive motion syndrome – especially if you do a lot of repetetive things like long hours at the computer. Some of these things can be stopped from getting worse if you get good advice from a physiotherapist or physical therapist for exercise, stretching, and strategies for rest times. Don’t wait because when these things get too bad, they are harder to treat.

I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, it is when the muscles in the first rib become weak or damaged and close the outlet between the rib and your collarbone. That outlet contains a bundle of nerves, muscles, and ligaments. I get those tingly feelings and sometimes my hand goes numb depending on my activity. It’s gotten worse, even with physical therapy, so if I were you, I would definately get it checked out.