A scary thing happened to me

I had something happen to me last night that really scared me. I was getting something out of my pantry and a large can of spagetti sauce fell out and hit me on the big toe. I didn’t feel a thing, no pain no anything. The only reason I knew that it fell out was because I saw it fall. I continued doing what I was doing and then I reached down to pick up the can and noticed a small spot on the carpet. I had no idea what it was. I went about my business and when I was finished I reached for a paper towel to wipe up the spot. After I had wiped the spot I noticed that there was blood on the paper towel. I investigated more and found a huge spot of blood on the carpet. I was like where did this come from. I went to sit down when I noticed that there was blood all over my foot and the carpet. When the can hit my toe it split it open. It took forever for it to stop bleeding and I had to change bandaids several times. But what scared me was that fact that I didn’t feel it.

I have severe neuropathy and take neurontin 3x a day. It has helped the pain, and tingling. but not the numbness. And now I can’t feel when I hurt myself. So what comes next?

I feel so bad… only now have I read this post you wrote. How are you doing? How is your neuropathy?

Hi, I am Crystal been a diabetes since November 18, 1988. I was only 13 years old. I currently 35 years old and diabetics has help me to faces dilemma in my life. But, also give me grief that I do not wish on no men or women in this world. Neuropathy has been involved in my left since September 1996. “DAMAGE TO BOTH OF MY LEGS FROM PELVIS TO THE TIP OF MY TOES, OVER 100’S NERVES ENDING DAMAGE.“ . I woken from my sleep on my way to school, I thought my legs was with me in my mind , but they did not responded. I try to do everything to be able to move. I was carried to hospital in Chicago IL , where they told me that I had Neuropathy damage in my nerves system. My first response to the Doctor was “ WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO CURE IT ? “ I was told that I can not cure it due to fact the nerves are damage. As, time moved on I was diagnosis with Neuropathy in both of my arms. “ DAMAGE TO BOTH OF MY ARMS FROM WRIST JOINT TO UPPER ORIGINS OF SHOULDERS:“. The year of SEPTEMBER 2004 . I was at a lowest point in my life , I cried because of able not understanding why I had did I have to deal with the chronic pains, I was having with diabetes . I was angered with pain and fear of not knowing what should I do to help myself .To be able to deal with the pain I was suffering with . These day’s, was day I would never fought. I deal with the chronic pains that comes from having Neuropathy with faith in the Lord, first of all then I processed in trying to keep asking question about the stages that my diabetes has token me too. The next thing I do is cry because the pains are sneak it pop up in your head. Like a nightmare , different parts of my body parts hurt at redeem times. Example : Such my shoulder will begin to hurt then my right angle then my knees all at the same time. I found out the use of pillows to place under the spot that hurt help, the numbness is something totally different. You have to move the origin of the pain and keep moving it though out the whole time period of the pain, and a lot of covers with warmth. But , remember the use of “HEATING PAD CAN BURN THE SKIN” So I advise a ordinaly house whole dryer to warm the blankets and loving person to keep warming them up and applying them to the origin of pain help much so , but do not relived fast but in time it do help. The problem is that is happen to you are something out of your control . So you must be able to face the fact that you are not able to control it to be able to deal with “NEUROPATHY DAMAGE OF ANY KIND”. The pain that we deal with is a mind game in many factors.

i had a similair experiance last week under my big toe was itching i pulled the skin off by mistake and it was bleeding i freaked out
i went to the dr they gave me bactrim and its healing i didnt feel pain either because i have neuropathy in my feet but im keeping my sugars low so its healing nicely!

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