Just wondering about the ribbon

i know every year there is the big blue test, and i thought that the diabetes ribbon/color was to be blue, but it’s grey. anyone know why???

Where did you see a grey ribbon for diabetes, Adriana?

i was looking for the ribbon online, and on wikipedia it said ours was grey. it just confuses me that we have the big blue test, and our ribbon is grey

Can you please send me the link to the Wikipedia page?

All I found was this one:

To the extent that anyone can edit Wikipedia pages, I can try to set the record straight. :slight_smile:

I’ve not heard of grey before… it’s usually a toss up between blue and red.


in grey its mental illness, diabetes, brain cancer, asthma and zombies (i find the cool, and it is an actual cause! theres a zombie awareness month, and a research group

this is also a link to what the ribbon looks like

I think that was something someone came up with many years ago, but I think blue is definitely the widely accepted color for diabetes. :slight_smile:

o well. just wondering