What is the color of "Diabetes Awareness"?

My thought is a simple thought that someone at my employer asked me and I have no clue how to answer it. They asked because I put up a few posters asking everyone to wear something “BLUE” tomorrow. And they ask – What is the “real” color for Diabetes Awareness?

  1. Awareness sites say that GREY is the color

  2. American Diabetes Association has everything in RED

  3. World Diabetes Association has it all in BLUE

  4. JDRF has everything in ORANGE

If someone says Breast Cancer, we automatically think PINK. So when someone says Diabetes, we think ,what color?

That is a good question. When someone asks me, I say grey…that’s what i think of when i hear Diabetes Awareness. I’m interested in what others say =)

I don’t know theanswer but red could work for me. Every time my sugar is running high my face gets red . My boss knows now when she see my face turning red ;she’ll say to me “Go check your sugar Joe.”


Good Question!! I have my Job and I sent a text message to about 29 people in 3 different states to wear BLUE:) and to e-mail me a pic of them wearing BLUE:)

I’m with Jeff, "What is the color of “Diabetes Awareness”?

Does it depend on the organizations?

That is really a good question… and a hard one since it shows the how fragmented our diabetes community is.

For me is blue, I go with the United Nations effort, hoping it will unite us at last. :slight_smile: Not only in the united states, but also with the international diabetes community.

Red = AIDS
Grey= Being such a neutral color, not sure how can it help with “awareness” :wink:
orange= JDRF uses a lot of blue too

Kinda makes me wonder why ADA uses red??? AIDS is associated with Red…

At one time I was told when all the ribbons were being made up that you take a yellow ribbon and put a red dot in the middle for your blood…so who knows what color it would be…I think blue because of how much diabetes makes people blue…