Just wondering

I’ve had Type 1 Diabetes for 37 years noe (2 years from it having a pancreatic transplant but that’s a WHOLE other story) I was wondering if it’s just me or have other’s who have had D for MANY years are noticing that the insulin reactions and all that FUN stuff that comes with D seems to be happening more often? Here in the last few years it’s been happening to me and I don’t seem to have as much energy as I used to. Is it that I’m just getting older or does it have something to do with the D? Yes I’m a pumper and have been on the pump for (more or less) 23 years, my basil has changed MANY times along with my blouses. Like today I get ready to go to my g-mother’s for our “FAMILY CHRISTMAS” and yes I ate b’f I left after 2 hours I was 47 and had to eat while the other’s were opening there presents. No big words here make it to where a kindergardner can understand what you say. Hey I’m getting older and am not "Smarter Than A 5th grader! LOL!

Ha! Basil and blouses.

I'm only approaching 30 years in, but yes, it seems that my body was better at self-correcting many lows and highs when I was younger.

On a different T1 forum there's some folks who claim they never ever go above 180. Wow! I don't think I ever had that much "autopilot" even when I was much much younger.

But heck, remember the early years before home bg meters? Stone knives and bearskins compared to today. I'm never going back, that's for sure :-) It's likely that I was simply completely unaware of my bg much more of the time when I was younger (heck at first it was THREE MONTHS between bg tests for me, that's how primitive things were) and it was zooming all over the place without my knowledge, and today I just know that it's zooming all over the place.

You might not have used big words, but I had to read that last sentence 3 times to get it to sink in! As I was typing that, I started wondering what my BS was so I looked at my Dex – Dex said 65, meter said 69, but I just had tea so I should probably wash the Sweet & Low off my fingers!

But in answer to your question, yes! I am coming up to my 27 year anniversary in Jan, so I am 10 years behind you. I never passed out before last year and then started having a ton of bad lows. I never woke up to EMTs over me before this summer. I had two bad lows 2 days apart that involved EMTs.

Although I am not changing my basal rates that much (I am on a pump also), I do have a lot of days where it just isn’t working. I try to fix it thru corrections instead of changing my basals because it seems like it is a couple whacky days then back to normal. Everything was going along nice & smooth then I just had a couple really bad days. It wasn’t because I was eating Christmas junk either. I ate the same food I eat every other day. Most days, my TDD is about 32 units. The other day, I had so many corrections, I used 65 units and was still running higher than normal for no reason.

My energy levels are zapped also, but I refuse to blame it on me getting older!

Now I know I’m not alone with this “going up and down” all the time. Like you I remember those days to where you had NO CLUE what was happening with your bs’s. Remember that pee test? How I HATED it!!! I am thinking that it’s just the older you get (and the longer you’ve had it) it seems to do what it wants to at the most akward times. For instance at Thanksgiving I went so low that I couldn’t even walk straight (when I checked it it was 38) If I never saw over 180 I think I would have one blow out of a party! Maybe that’s the problem… I just parteyed too much when I was younger! LOL!

Good thing you checked it then! I get so tired of my Type 1 daughter eating all kinds of sweets but if I look at them I’m waaaay over 300. We checked ours together the other day. She was 95 and I (of course) was 202! I wanted to hurt her. She sees that she’s running good so she orders her a sundae. I kept looking at it with my tounge durn near falling out of my mouth. She checked hers again 30 minutes after eating it and was STILL 95! ERRRRRRRRRRR! I just keep telling my kids I’m not getting older just better! LOL!

I didn’t have to use those pee strips! I was diagnosed just as meters were coming out. I did the hold the Chemstrip up to the vial for a couple months then my doctor had to fight my insurance company to get me a meter. Maybe I didn’t party enough so that is my problem!

I would love to eat a sundae and still be 95 half hour after eating it! I know I won’t behave tomorrow but with the gastroparesis, it really won’t hit until late tomorrow night and I will hear beeping all night that I am high!

That blamed gasterioparereis (got it too) does strange things don’t it! LOL!

I didn’t realize that you had it also (or if I did, I forgot!). That is the other thing that has gone. I used to have a really good memory and remember everything. Now I have to write everything down or I forget. Yes, gastroparesis does some strange things. The onions in my mother’s stuffing make me sick, but it is hard to pass up!

Your soooo lucky! Like I said I HATED them soooo for atleast 10 years all I had to go by was the A1C!!! Ghez I remember those days after diagnoses tooooo well! Void your 1st time then drink a gallon of water turn on the water in the bathroom to a stream and you DON’T get to eat until you pee again!

Yes, I was lucky. I didn't have the syringes that you guys had to boil either!

I usually don’t say anything about ot just b/c so you probably just didn’t know it. Hey I really run into trouble about remembering the inlinks so I got a peice of notebook right beside my computer for stuff like that! LOL! Onions make you sick too? Yep had that trouble today at out Christmas dinner and was told to “eat more”

Urine tests... I had grown accustomed to them and when I was first introduced to home bg testing I wanted to run away screaming because I couldn't imagine doing that TOO. Spent many years as a teenager filling in imaginary numbers in the bg test charts because I was so reluctant. But by the time bg testing REPLACED urine testing I had caught on.

Well in my case I had a couple "doozie" (911 call, ambulance, glucagon, ER) hypos in my life as a T1 but they happened at... let's do the math... 7 years in and 20 years in. So I can't claim things are getting any worse.

And lord knows when I was younger I had many many more-than-mild hypos that I just "powered through".

Today I make a conscious effort to retain hypo awareness. I wish I had learned that when younger! Strings of repeated hypos were always bad news for my hypo awareness, it's just that I didn't recognize the self-destructive pattern (turn in low A1C's but spend so much time in a daze) until a few years ago.

Today I look at it as even better for us diabetics. Tab… ugh… I love soda but didn’t like it.

Oh my gosh Tim you done the same as I did with those BS testing. Just put numbers down the night before I went to the DR. LOL! I’ve became very hypo and hyper unaweare now. I gues it was just too much of being “normal” LOL! (Atleast I tried to be just had to take an insulin shot in the morning then another at night) I hid from folks when I did that though!

I am glad I am not completely crazy (actually it helps w/the D) to hear others sound just like me. 46 years, never had the EMT guys staring at me, but did totally *&#* my mom in law out once way early on in my marriage due to low. (Didn't help! Love her to death tho, don't get me wrong!) How many times have you found yourself standing in front of the pizza section in frozen foods for 15 minutes because of being low and not catching it? And then how come sometimes you pop in a "normal" bolus that has "worked perfectly" before and today it takes you from say around 120 to 45 in 15 minutes and you really were sitting still not chasing the dog down the block? Therefore my mantra is: 1) never grow up and 2) be crazy. (It's just easier that way!) Merry Christmas!

I think part of it is the tighter control and the fact we are more aware now of what is going on with our bodies.

I worked with my pediatric endo this summer who told me that one of the reasons that we become hypounaware is as we age is it takes our bodies longer for the hormones to be produced in enough levels, etc.

BTW, I was driving home from my sister's to my parents' last night and had to pull off to the side of the road and down a bottle of juice and a sandwich with a blood sugar of 42 after downing 12oz of juice at sis's....'Tis the season for insane blood sugars... Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Hey you wanta hear something totally funny on me? I was on Kroger shopping for groceries (food all around right?) I proceed to pass totally out and start seizing ( Hey scared the folks there to death) I woke up with and saw my husband ( who was 10 miles away at home) and the paramedics looking at me concerned. And the coumstermres that were there doing the same. I was all around food right but was told never to eat until you pay for it right? Well on that day old fashon traing didn't help a bit! Long story shoht went to the ER they got my bs back to "normal" and sent me home. All that crap that took 8 hours to do just for 1 hour of grocery shopping. Shez!!! Hey that was at the time Kroger had those big towels (long time ago) I did get that for all my trouble! HA!

Oh and by the way it helps me to know there's other's out there like me too!

I just gotta laugh on that part about driving and having a low. I wreaked one too many times thanks to no warning about the highs and lows. Sooooo I just gave the state my licence. I DIDN’T want to do that again. My oldest daughter had just gotten her licence and you know how kids are…They NEVER do anything to wrecke the car…I told her after that not to count on what was going on with the other driver the could be like I was and not know their in trouble.

I have to say that my Dex saved my butt b/c I never had any symptoms of being low… I always blood test before I start driving and never go for more than 90mins without testing (only b/c that’s how long it takes to get to my parents’ house from my place…). I have stopped at McD’s, gas stations, grocery store parking lots, etc to do said blood testing… in my younger days, I pricked my finger and let the b/f apply the blood to the strip as we drove down the road… Being single, I don’t have that option :wink: