PUMPING 4 YEARS/ Insulin to carb ratios

i have had D for 25yrs. i have been on the MMpump for 11yrs. i was on the same (ineffective) I:C ratio for 10 of those yrs. i had BSs all over the place (i am very brittle T1). but a couple month ago, my D educator changed my afternoon ratios which would give me more coverage around lunchtime, and then bk to my primary ratio thru evening. i kept log of everything that went into my mouth and how much my pump "wizard" was giving me. Arduous, to say the least. well, the first tweek got rid of the dawn P. but the nxt tweek for my ratios was to cover my brkfst. instant results!!! my BSs R now in the areas of 80 to 105. WOW! OMG. i hope my ntx A1c reflects this wonderful effort.

anyone else out there with this kind of experience?

I'm not on the pump, but I have been through the " writing every single movement, piece of food, exercise " down. Managed to get my bf bgs controlled and noon too. Sometimes have a bif of bother with the evening ones. I hope your next A1c turns out fab. I hope it shows our hard work.

Congrats Daisy! The slightest change can affect our bs which I've learned through the years. Diabetes is a monster that we have to learn to manage and every bit of info we get can be helpful, no matter how long we've lived with this monster we always have to be on our guard. Diabetes is a roamer as we get older it takes us through twists and turns we've never experienced...hold on it has and will still taqke you for the ride of your life!

I wanted to edit my comment for taqke to read take.