Keep Fighting Diabetes

Hi my name is Alfonzo Steward I’m type1 my great grandmother died from Diabetes and my grandmother died from Diabetes it was much different then in the 1970 my grandmother lost both of her legs from Diabetes she suffer for long time till the good lord called her home she died in 1978 I never got to me her they tell me story’s about her.Please take care of your Diabetes keep in control you can have a good life,If yall have a chance check out my youtube video on my page thanks Godbless you.

Thanks a lot for your nice message.

You can win the fight, Alpohonzo!!!

God Bless
Type One 43 years

You welcome!

Thank you Godbless you to.

Thank you for the reminder to take care.I just fought a HUGE craving for a Milky Way bar tonight,I havent had “real” chocolate in a few months,so I was…and still am…kinda dying for it. But my feet are more important…so again,thank you!