Keeping a carb journal

It’s been a long time since I actually kept a journal of menus, food, recipes, bg’s etc. But I find that I am slipping in my numbers and my weight, so it’s back to writing EVERYTHING down. I am good at that when I am motivated, and right now I am motivated.

But I would like to know how many carbs do you eat in one day. My dietican told me less than or equal to 15 per snack (that’s three snacks per day which should include a protein in each snack) and less than or equal to 30 - 45 per meal (that being three meals per day) That’s almost 180, that’ seems like a lot. When I was first diagnosed, the meals were 30…that was about right for my appetite also. What is your average per snack and meal? I don’t do exchanges too complicated, but I do count carbs, obviously…

Add to this I am working on losing my last 50 lbs, so it’s carbs and calories. YIKES So it’s double whammy, I’ve lost 50 already and do want to get this last 50 off or close to it by November 5…my first son’s wedding date.

So your help would be appreciated

A lot of people here at TuD follow Dr. Bernstein, who recommends keeping your carb intake at 30g per day. This is WAY too low for me. I am usually around 150g.

Everyone’s different - they have different needs, different tolerances for certain foods or a certain number of carbs, and finding the balance that works best for you may take some time. If your numbers are slipping the first thing to do is figure out what foods are causing spikes and avoid them, or eat them in moderation. From there, adjust as you feel you need to, in order to lose the weight you want to lose. (And congrats on losing the first 50lbs!)

I think you will find a very varied carb intake by members of TuD. Just to add mine: I eat under 100 a day, three meals, no snacks. If you are trying to lose weight, not only would you want to eat less carbs than your dietician is suggesting, but you might want to get out of the habits of snacks. I think it would be very hard to lose weight eating three meals and three snacks.I would gain weight eating that way!

Zoe, I have to chose between weight and bg’s…so what wins out is the bg’s. But both work together believe it or not. Giving up snacks makes me have terrific lows, and am not willing to do that. So by snacks, it might be celery with peanut butter, cottage cheese and a 1/2 a peach, or small things like that, so they are definitely not things that are sabotaging me. More so it’s making sure I eat and exercise. Thanks for the ideas though.

What kind of insulin regimen are you on? If you are having lows between meals when you don’t eat then it sounds like you are “feeding the insulin” which is eating unnecessary foods just to avoid lows, which will contribute to weight gain or slow down weight loss. If you are on a basal/bolus regimen you should be able to adjust it so that you don’t go low rather than having to eat to keep up with the insulin. If you are on an older regimen involving only two or three shots a day then you should see about getting on somehting more up-to-date that would allow you to stop snacking.

I think each of has a different purpose for our journals or logs. I really like the idea of a log. If you write stuff down “honestly” you can’t lie to yourself and you have data to make objective decisions. If you are trying to lose weight, then you may want to record all your food so that you can track calories as well as carbs. If you are trying to reduce carbs, you may just want to record carbs. If you are using insulin, then you want to record not only your carbs, but also your dosing. Some may also record more. At times in the past, I’ve wanted to measure and limit carbs. I used to record my foods and found it very convenient for calculating and reporting. Now that I’ve started insulin, I log the number of carbs as well as my activity levels and insulin doses.

I hadn’t realized you had lost 50 lbs. That is great.

At this time, I am eating about 10-30 g of carbs/meal and try to keep my snacks to protein and fat.

Hey Cathy,
I just ran some quick numbers, and i’m eating about 315g of carbs a day…

Now just how do you get away with that!?! Wow
Not a smart remark, wondering

I want to know the same thing, how do you get 315??? man, I’d either be a blimp or in a coma. How do you do that?

BSC, I journal just about everything from meals, to carbs, to weight, to Bg’s, to my moods. I am a high stress person, which we know has a lot to do with numbers also, so sometimes it’s not what I eat or don’t eat, it’s the stressors in my life that cause my numbers to go up. When I have to write those down and then go back and see them…I can account for a lot. I tried fitday, but since we eat a lot of different foods than they have information on, it was hard to be accurate. But it IS an excellent site.

Sorry Jennifer, I always fail to give total information when I post…shame on me. I am NOT on insulin yet. I use amaryl, 50 mg once a day, Januvia, once a day and Metformin 850 Mg three times a day…along with my 60 minutes a day of exercising, and watching my food intake, thus far things have been good. We had talked about byetta until I had to switch docs, and then that got lost in the shuffle. Maybe it’s time to thin about it again.

As a young type 1, apparently fairly insulin sensitive, you may be able to handle more carbs than others. I also see you have made some great improvements in your A1c. I do think that cutting down on those carbs may help you get that A1c down even further. Best of luck.

There are a lot of different websites with food diaries. You might try’s My Daily Plate. Sparkpeople and caloriecountabout are also available. They each have different advantages and disadvantages. Livestrong’s diary has a very large database of foods.

LOL, I just need to eat that many carbs to get enough energy!

I go for a 3.5km run most mornings, work a physically demanding job and spend as much time as I can spare doing things like hiking and cycling.

I eat 180g per day. I do not need to lose weight, but that has been a “weight maintenance” level for me. My father, who is type 2, eats much less than I do (though his dietitian also recommended 180!). For some 180 is too much!

I guess everyone is different, I usually eat 300-400 carbs a day. Those numbers are increasing too because i’m trying to put on more muscle mass. I eat 4 meals a day, don’t really eat snacks anymore… If i eat a snack i try to keep it under 20g. I didn’t know type 1’s on insulin had to limit carbs still, i thought you just covered them. Hopefully my insulin sensitivity doesn’t diminish as i get older.

And as for your weight loss, great job! Keep it up…or down rather hah. Weight loss is about expending more calories per day than you consume. Not sure if you count calories but this website could help if interested in weight loss calorie guidelines.

30g a day? that seems extremely low. The alternative to eating carbs is obviously protein. But it is possible that high protein diets stress the kidneys (though that’s still debatable). Something doesn’t seem right here…

I do not write down my actual foods (I do tend to eat the same things everyday especially for breakfast,snacks,and lunch) but I do write down my carbs, calories, fat, and protein intake. I eat about 60 carbs per day with around 100 grams of fat, 65 grams of protein and about 1300-1600 calories.
But this is also just habit for me as I have logged every blood sugar on a chart and written down my carbs since diagnosis.

Tom, the alternative is not protein it’s fats. That’s how I do it anyway. I goe the Atkins way which is low carb, moderate protein and high fat. But high fat doesn’t mean loads of bacon or fatty meats tho I eat them too at times. I use a lot of olive oil, I mix my butter with it half and half to use on my low carb green leafy veggies.

Ahhhh no wonder you can eat so many! Thank you for your answer.