Ketogenic diet?

hello to all members.
I have developed ,some kidney problem due to long diabetic period , should i go for this diet?, news is very encourging for all diabetic friends.

This recent post references research which goes against the conventional wisdom that a ketogenic diet is bad for the kidneys, in fact they found it can reverse the damage. The reason may be that a ketogenic diet is really not high protein, it’s really high fat low carb.

This is initial research so one would have to be cautious, but it would certainly be worth raising the idea with your doctor. The Bernstein Group here on TuD is a great resource for the ins and outs of a ketogenic diet.

The science makes sense because the ketogenic diet is dramatically different from the Atkins or high protein diet. One thing to remember about the ketogenic diet is that the foods you will be eating are very calorie dense. High fat food has substantially more calories than carb or protein diets. If you won’t want to gain weight you will have to watch your portions very carefully. Good luck.


Actually, my experience on a very low carb ketogenic diet was that I could eat virtually infinite amounts of fat and not gain weight. It seems that my body just burns the extra fat futiliy or excretes it. I’ve come to the conclusion that calories in/calories out does not work properly describe weight gain. This is Gary Taubes position in his book “Why we are fat.”

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