Low carb and albumin

Hello, just wondering....

Yesterday I got back my yearly blood and urine analysis and I had a very little quantity of protein (albumin) in 24-hour urine sample. 15mg/24hour and the marker said it should be below 30 so I'm sure there is no problem. But actually, I have never had any before.

Could this be one of the side effects of low carb? It's probably more like the side effect of age!;)

Thanks for your answers.

It is not uncommon to dump certain amounts of protein in your urine, perhaps up to 150 mg/day. Of that less than 30 mg of albumin is basically considered in the normal range. If you do have kidney damage the protein levels will rise and when albumin reaches 30-300 mg/L you are said to have albuminuria and your doctor will start to check and treat you for kidney disease. I believe most doctors will wait to see if you have two back to back tests with high microalbumin or albumin before further evaluation and consideration of treatment of kidney disease. There is a good description of what it all means and a standard protocol in this paper.

ps. I had a microalbumin greater than 30 mg/L and my next test was normal. I found that exercise caused me to dump a little protein.

pps. Low carb or high protein with normal kidney function is not known to cause microalbuminuria or albuminuria.

low carb ketogenic, may actually be good for kidneys and repair damage

Thanks Brian! I've been eating low carb for some time now! ( a year??) And happy to know Jack that it doesn't contradict any kidney problems. I have light to moderate kidney damage. (?)

I have looked at a lot of videos on the Diabetes summit the last couple of days. There is so much information it is fantastic! But on the other hand, I've started doubting what I am doing!! Try to find that balance and keep evolving that must be the secret.

Thanks so much for answering!

Hi Mari,
I haven't had any yet and was eating low and now moderate low carb. I hope it will go back to normal next time. I would ask a specialist for input. Are you on a bp med to protect your kidneys?