Ketones and feeling sick

MY daughter was feeling bad all day yesterday. It started out because she was high late in the day the day before, in the low 400’s. So we corrected and she came down to about the low 200’s and we corrected again and she came down into the low to mid 100’s. SO I really didn’t think much of it. But she woke up in the morning with a tummy ache and felt crummy all day. So since she felt crummy she wasn’t eating and wasn’t getting much insulin. She never went higher than mid-200’s. I finally thought to check for ketones and sure enough she had them.

So other than checking for ketones earlier what should I have done? It’s hard to push insulin when they aren’t feeling like eating. I thought she had a stomach bug. She’s been that high before and worse and didn’t get ketones. I guess the only good thing is that now she knows what it feels like when she has ketones and we hopefully won’t repeat. But I’m a still a bit confused that she even got ketones this time. Maybe we’ve just been lucky before, I don’t know.

if the bs is less than 300 w/light ketones, I just push sugar free fluids. If it’s more than 300 plus large ketones (my son has only had large ketones when he’s running high) I call the emergency line and they give me instructions. Usually I have to give a half a unit of fast acting insulin. We use the precision xtra monitor to test for ketones, it’s more accurate than the urine ones. I’m pretty fortunate though that my son will drink milk when he feels icky so I don’t have to worry about him dropping low from lack of carbs.

I would guess she has/had a little bug.----I feel terrible when spilling ketones–but i generally only spill ketones when i am gettting sick and am dehydrated. I have been over 500 and not spilled ketones. Kids might be different. I can remember my mom freaking when i spilled ketones as a kid…and i may not remember correctly, but i am pretty sure i was usually sick with something.

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Well thanks, because it is pretty strange that she still has an upset stomach and she’s been negative for ketones for over 24 hours. So she may have a touch of a bug.

you can also get ketones from NOT eating-
the body will deplete itself for energy, producing ketones

I was recently sick with the flu and has small ketones. I called my doctor and she said the same thing as Katie - I probably had ketones because I wasn’t eating. I hope your daughter feels better!

Yea, so I had assumed it was the ketones giving her the tummy ache, and she didn’t eat because she had a tummy ache, but maybe she had a tummy ache and didn’t eat and then got ketones. SO confusing. It was just so very strange, and thankfully it didn’t last long. I know that to get rid of ketones you have to push insulin, but it’s hard to push insulin if the stomach is upset and they don’t want to eat or drink anything. I gave her some glucose gel like candy and bolused for that and that seemed to do the trick. I still just don’t know what brought it on, because we’ve been much higher and for a longer period of time and never had ketones. Oh well. I’ll just test for ketones earlier next time.

Thanks for your input!