Kicking Caffeine!

I’ve given up caffeine! I’m on day four, and I’m feeling less homocidal :wink: Read about it here.

Oh I know the feeling! It was difficult but definitely possible. Took me some time but now I can have coffee at will… Im not even craving it. By the way… Congratulations… a beautiful angel on the way! Hope baby gets Mom’s lovely smile =).

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies! Holly is right about decaf tea on a cold, rainy day. It’s super yummy.

Teena, I’m not pregnant (YET)! We’re working on it, though :wink:

Oooh!!! Sorry, my mistake, LOL. Then Id say good luck then =)

Hi Shannon,
I kicked the coffee habit and haven’t looked back. Not a plug…try these guys they have small sample packs for a dollar huge selection!

Good luck,

Thanks, John. I’m browsing now!