Know a good diabetes specialist near Cleveland?


I was diagnosed as a Type 2 last June, '07, but now, as of May '08, I was rediagnosed as a Type 1. I am now looking for a good diabetes specialist in or near Cleveland, Ohio. My current doctor has no real opinion or any advice for me on this but would give me a referral if I tell him where. Other friends I’ve spoken to either go to Toledo or use their family doctor. Does anyone in the area have one they particularly like? If he or she was on the West side, that would be a bonus although I’m not adamantly opposed to driving in town to the Cleveland Clinic. And if he or she was very upbeat and positive that would be even better! I am really needing a boost right about now.

Hi Janeen, I just moved from Cleveland Heights to NH last July and know everyone at the Clinic in the Endo department. The problem may be access, they are short staffed (although that’s probably no different than anywhere).

Jen Wojtowicz is really a wonderful person and an excellent endo. She practices at the main campus and at CCF Independence (I think she still does a couple of days per week there). Chris Nasr is a super nice guy, a little reserved, but very thoughtful. He is at the main campus and Lorraine -he may be the most coveinent for you if you are on the far west side. There are 2 other endos at Lorraine, as well - but I don’t know them well. Another option is Greg Faiman at UH. I don’t know him personally, but his father is an amazing endo and I have heard wonderful things about him. He is at the UH Landerbrook Health Center in Mayfield Hts. I believe he has a “vested interest” in the care of type 1 diabetes.

There are other private practice guys around the city - Zuhayr Madhun, Robert Brenner, etc but I don’t know them.

Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if you want to chat about any of these options. Mick